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Sometimes shit just happens. Other times it is planned out.

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Another Few Trump Firsts?

Trump is the 1st Presidential Candidate to be sued for having sex with an under age girl.

Trump is the 1st Presidential Candidate to be sued for having an unaccredited "University"
Posted by WritelyWrong | Sun Nov 6, 2016, 03:03 PM (3 replies)

Death Toll Rises After Cubs Win the World Series

Local nursing homes are reporting a large number of deaths overnight of diehard Cubs fans after the Cubs finally won the World Series after a 108 year wait. Some deaths were reported after the 9th inning when a rain delay was called with the score tied, but most past away quietly with smiles on their faces clutching antique baseball gloves.
Posted by WritelyWrong | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 10:14 AM (2 replies)

Only 17 more days

Yes, ONLY seventeen more days of having to tolerate the whimsical postings of the paid candidate trolls (from both sides.) Will it be back to normal sniping that we enjoyed a year ago, or will the world actually come to an end, when (your candidate's name here) looses?

What will happen here come the 9th?

How much money will Trump make of this election?

We won't know until the final paperwork is file with the federal election commission, but I have a feeling that Trump Enterprises will come out of this election with a healthy income bump. His campaign is paying for the Trump Airplane, Trump venues for rallies and overnight accommodations and they are subcontracting out Trump employees to do administrative work. If there is a buck to be made, he is figuring out how to pay himself.

Did the ground just shake for you?

At about 11:58 AM CST I felt a rumble in the ground that reminded me of the earthquake that hit the mid-atlantic area a few years ago. I check with my wife who works 3 miles away, and she felt it too. I live half way between Peoria and Quad Cities in Ill. Did anyone else feel it?

I found the perfect hat for Trump Supporters

Yes! It is the official Trump Tin Foil Hat.
Made in China and sold only at Walmart!
Guaranteed to contain gray matter when heads explodes.

So the shackles are off.

Does that means that no one is left to restrain him from becoming even a bigger looser than he has already proven himself to be?

Here is the song he will be playing at his next rally

Tornadoes in Quad Cities tonight

While most of the attention is focused on the hurricane in Fl., I want to let folks know that 2 Tornadoes have been indicated by radar in the Quad Cities area of NW IL/NE Iowa (Rock Island best know of the cities) Cold front coming through dropping temps from mid 70's today to mid 50's on Friday. At least this storm system won't last as long, or cause as much as damage as the hurricane.
Posted by WritelyWrong | Fri Oct 7, 2016, 12:03 AM (1 replies)

Voter Fraud - The tip of the ice cube

All the belly aching going on on the vast number of fraudulent voters, both dead and non-citizen, amounts to a small hill of beans.

80 in Philadelphia, of which 20 voted, that is less than 1 tenth of 1 percent. Oh my gawd, that surely swung an election.

How many would it really take to swing a election result in any state? County? City? Small town of 250 where everybody knows everybody?

Worry more about your electronic voting machine switching vote.
Posted by WritelyWrong | Wed Oct 5, 2016, 09:39 PM (3 replies)

Debate Drinking Game time

Yes,it is time once again for the Monday night debate drinking game. Every time a candidate says a key word, take a drink of you favorite beverage, alcoholic or not. Now is the time to name the candidate, the word and the beverage and the drink you will be imbibing, a whether your goal is to get smashed or stay sober.

I have a colonoscopy planned for Tuesday, so I will pick Donald Trump saying the word "crooked" and drink a 6 oz glass of the special "go-go juice" they give you to clean out the bowls. I expect to be "clean" before the end of the debate.

PS: You can even pick the moderator, Lester Holt and a key word for him.
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