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If some network, any network,

put Bill O'rielly and Keith Olberman on the same show as adversaries it would have the highest ratings in history.

It would make Hannity and Colmes look like Romper Room.

So we move our clocks forward one hour tonight.

This is a good thing. Why?

That's one less hour for the Kennedys to get in trouble.

"I know nothing about the inner workings of Russia"

Well, there's the makings of a great leader in foreign policy. Unbelievable.

Trump drops dramatically in the polls.

Okay, it's satire, but pretty funny.

Just so you know,

All this "stumpy fingers" talk sounds just as juvenile as all the cankles talk and does nothing but dumb down the discussion level here. Just an observation.

Anyone who is wondering how Trump is doing so well in the polls

needs to watch the movie Bullworth with Warren Beatty.

Just trying to keep up -

Has the military rounded up all the republicans in Texas and put them in those empty Walmarts yet?

Before you judge another man, walk a mile in his shoes.

Because then, even if you are wrong, you will be a mile away from him and you will have his shoes.

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