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All right. Germany may reopen embassy in Damascus. Does Kerry and president Obama have a sad

Tough shit.

Janet Yellen: ancient idiot.

Trump's statement on Paul Scumbag Ryan's Omnibus Budget. (Time for this idiot to go)

– December 17, 2015 –


If anyone needed more evidence of why the American people are suffering at the hands of their own government, look no further than the budget deal announced by Speaker Ryan. In order to avoid a government shutdown, a cowardly threat from an incompetent President, the elected Republicans in Congress threw in the towel and showed absolutely no budget discipline.

The American people will have to absorb higher deficits, greater debt, less economic liberty and more corporate welfare. Congress cannot seem to help itself in bending to every whim of special interests. How can they face their constituents when they continue to burden our children and grandchildren with debts they will never be able to repay? Our government is failing us, so we must do something about it. Who knows how bad things will be when the next administration comes in and has to pick up the pieces?

The only special interest not being served by our government is the American people. It is time we imposed budget discipline by holding the line on spending, getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse, and by taking on our debt. To do these things, we need a President who can lead the fight to hold Congress and the rest of government accountable. Together, we can Make America Great Again. – Donald J. Trump


Putin throws down the gauntlet. Don't for a second think he's kidding.

Freddie Gray won't go away.

A mere few days with the DU's visitors to this board, and look at the difference in the board. I've

gotten three emails on it already.

Los Angeles Unified School District closes all 900 schools today after credible threat of terrorism.

America America 🎶

Okay, Liberals, a u-tube of McCain saying the US is arming ISIS!

DNC begging for money for convention....bwaaaaahahahahaha 😁

Will you see the new Star Wars when it comes out?

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