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They are considering a statue for the famous 47 Senators so they can stand erect in glory.

Lot of info here on market. Look at the short-term rising wedge in graph 3. Needs resolve.

The extinction of fruits and vegetables in 80 years.

Immigration has ushered in an era of White Decline.

Beautiful, unknown girl in majestic version of Hallelujah

Where do markets go from here?

This is not a bad sign just for Retailers. There is no discretional income.

The denouement....

The Feds raising interest rates to protect the dollar while the US maintains the longest economic decline in history with a disappearing middle class and an influx of poor immigrants hailed as wonderfulness by a failed president desperate to show he has accomplished something besides HorrorCare. Takes no mental giant to see what's going to happen. The death knell will be when Russia exits SWIFT.

Dow and SP500 down for 2015. But goshes, we have a 5.5 per cent U3. This is

wonderfulness. Leftist Billy Bob and his wife Bobby Bill told me so.

Fifty shades of shit banned in India. Got to salute the Indians.
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