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Name: Rick
Gender: Male
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Home country: USA
Current location: Poinciana, FL
Member since: Tue May 13, 2014, 03:12 PM
Number of posts: 1,533

Journal Archives

We've finally found an area of alignment with Dee You!!

Everybody hates da government shutdown!

"I do not play the part of victim"

sure . What can you do at the Y?

What to do if a television program that you disagree with is on while in public?

At an auto repair shop:

Call the shop owner is a “knucklehead”

Say that the shop is dishonest

Discredit the shop with online review sites

Bring earplugs when in public to avoid hearing unwanted commentary

Vandalize private property by locking out offensive channels

And the physician community has an evil plan as well:

It is to raise your blood pressure so that they can sell you blood pressure medication

And how about the neighborhood McDonalds?

Go to the cashier and “register your disappointment”
Lie to said cashier and tell them that “you will never come back” because of the evil TV show.

"I'm a man, and I have a pussy hat"

Oh Dee-You, keep on being your fabulous self

Lefty fights with man over tree conversation. Hilarity ensues

Trump is Killing Tourism to U.S., Industry Analysts Say

but on the bright side, the queues at Disney World for Space Mountain do smell less like garlic and ass.

Uh oh - this time he's REALLY in for it!

This has GOT to be performance art

Trump makes my back hurt?

Here's what lefty doesn't seem to understand

Example: This deal with the CWA is objectively a "good thing" for the workers. Admit it. Throw a bone.

Instead, lets pile on the negativity regardless (because Trump I suppose)

Lefty might have a bit more credibility if they were to give credit where due, and not whine about developments that most will see as positive.

Follow along now...

- Stuart grabs some boobs
- Democrats in the Senate urge for his resignation
- Said Democrats are under super-secret Russian mind control
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