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America After Ferguson

This aired Friday (9/26/2014) on PBS. (Full video at link) I found it quite interesting and well worth the watching.
The August shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson stirred up conversations about race and justice across the nation.

PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill recently moderated a packed town hall meeting at the University of Missouri at St. Louis on the subject. She spoke with law enforcement and government officials, faith leaders and civil rights activists about what happened in Ferguson that day and in the days that followed along with the many questions raised by Brown’s death.

Men need to (5:50) "Treat woman like people"

Conversely, women need to treat men as people also.
Contrary to what many seem to think, men and women are not any kind of natural enemies, or adversaries to be derided as a whole because of what one person or a even few people in their lives did them. That is broad brushing. People that broad brush the other gender, the other sex, the other whatever, too much in their daily lives, have some problems they need to work through.
Men and women are all individual people and should be though of and treated as such. Many relationship problems would disappear if people would not assume, that because person A says or does or looks such and such, that means he is also just like person B, that does or says something similar. Not necessarily.

Because the HoF isn't about feminists and feminism?

Good advice for many people...
First you must look into your own psychology and ask...
The HoF is about lashing out against men in general by trying to control what everyone can see. They all have psychological triggers they don't like being pulled. The are trying to hide those triggers.
So they bully, intimidate, twist what people post, playing the woe is me victim, in an attempt to avoid seeing their triggers.

They are going about it all wrong. First they must see themselves as others see them. That is often not pretty and can be quite painful, so they avoid dealing with it at great cost to themselves and those around them. They lash out for protection. Put the cause of their hurt on innocent others, lashing out, instead of dealing with the pain where it really is, inside themselves.

+1000 I agree here.

It seems everyone except the HoF members can see the the obvious.

I see that two more well known DU'ers got themselves banned from the HoF for daring to post benign post that did not align with boston bean's dictates. The slow motion implosion continues.

The outrageous posts?

Can people effect better change in the long run, by antagonizing other people,

or working with them to effect the needed change?
Are you going to get more respect by being reasonably respectful to those needed to be won over to your side, to understand your plight and help you?
Or are you going to piss off everyone that that you need to actually effect the changes you think you want?

What the DU HoF is doing has nothing to do with feminism. Nothing. Just because the HoF are mostly women, it does not automatically follow that they are some kind of feminist movement. Not at all. (Think Al Capone's gang as a men's business club.)

Instead all that the DU HoF have is intimidation, harassment, bullying, insulting posts (Sponge Bob -really?), in an attempt to get a rise out of people, to get enough of their posts hidden to force a vacation. That is the HoF's primary method to take over, to control. Like a street gang being in control. Street gangs also can't stand anyone to stand up to them, for the exact same reason the HoF can't stand anyone to disagree with them.
If one person can stand up to the HoF and get away with it, that means there will be more people coming forward to also stand up against their harassment.
How can any group expect others to respect them if this group doesn't respect anyone in return, especially anyone that objects to their intimidating methods, that is?
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