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Maybe it's because the ones on the books now don't work?

We need something different. The gunners keep talking about Rights, their Rights. But seldom about the Right of anyone else. What about the Right of a person not to be shot? The Right to continue living? What about the Right of parents to expect their children, often children in their own homes, eating, sleeping, doing homework, etc., not to be shot from outside by someone on the street? When these people have done nothing to deserve to be shot?
The gunners have a problem with the concept that their Right ends when it interferes with the Rights of others. Non-gunners have Constitutionally protected Rights also. But that is being violated by the gunners because they think their precious are more important than the lives of the innocents being gunned down from the oceans of easily available firearms floating around in this country.
Is this country in a civil war where the citizens need to be armed in public. No. Though the gunners seem to think so. The gunners think they need to be armed to protect themselves from other armed people.
Years ago this was pushed by the NRA. You need to arm yourself because other people are armed. That BS sold guns. Well now, that BS has reached the point where mass shooting are common place and very seldom is there a good guy taking out the bad guy, even when the armed good guy is in a gun free zone. Each mass shooting sells more guns, making an already bad situation worse. Making more mass shootings more likely because guns are even more readily available. The NRA propaganda obviously does not reflect reality and that is killing people.

Our government is not trying to disarm anybody.

Not even the gunners doing the killing. That is the problem. Too many guns in the hands of too many people that should not be having them in the first place. Why? Because it may inconvenience the good guys from acquiring more guns themselves, so they are OK with the killings.
How do I know that? Because the gun lovers have no real solutions to the current high rate of killings. Their response is that crime is down, so that proves that even more guns is the correct answer to too many guns already.

Umpqua Community College not a gun-free zone: Oregon laws prevent that

Umpqua Community College, site of a mass shooting Thursday, bans guns, knives longer than 4 inches and other weapons from campus.
But that policy has one big exemption that renders the pastoral 100-acre campus near Roseburg anything but a gun-free zone: Everyone with a concealed firearms license is allowed to bring guns on campus.


A college employee talked them out of leaving to try to use their guns to save others. The active shooter could have taken them down first. Law enforcement officers already on the scene would not have known their guns would be used to defend students and instructors, not hurt them, he said.

"If we would have run across the field, we would have been targets," he said. "We made a good choice at the time."

So the campus was not gun free at all. It is because the gunners were smart enough not to take on the shooter that they were not shot by the police as being the shooter. So a lot of good being armed did anyone.

Yes it can.

The NRA is the word and the NRA word of the NRA is 'because'.
Well 'because' is no longer good enough. Why? Too many innocent people are dying as if they were in a war zone controlled by ISIS. And they are. Only our ISIS are the followers of the NRA. Our NRA condones suicide shooters killing innocents "BECAUSE" mass shootings sells more guns, thereby making the problem worse.
The proof is in the NRA fighting any common sense weapons regulation that might work to fix the problem. The proof is in the NRA backing easier access by anyone to more guns by working at relaxing weapons laws in the states.
Being a lobby for the weapons manufacture, the NRA is OK with mass shooting, or any high profile shootings that sells more guns. That is the purpose of the NRA anyway, to sell more guns. And they are good at that, regardless of the cost in human life.

In other words, those other countries did something about it, and that something worked every time.

That means that if we told the gunners to in this country to shove it, we are fed up with the killing and murders their toy fetish are causing, we could do something positive to decrease our own carnage.
Mature gun owners, with actual needs for firearms are fed up and wanting the carnage to end also. They know if something isn't done, their own firearms are in danger of being collected too.
It is the NRA and their supporters that are the problem.

The 2nd Amendment is being misinterpreted by the NRA. The first part of the 2nd Amendment is being totally ignored as if it doesn't exist.
Firearms move across state lines in interstate commerce. That gives one method to control the illegal use of firearms flowing from states with lax firearm controls to those states that are trying to join the 21 century.
Another is to track the transfer of firearms from one owner to another. If the gun is used in a crime, the owner of record is held responsible the same way as if in several people rob a place and some one is killed during the robbery, every member of the robber group is charged with murder, including the person sitting in the get-a-way vehicle outside. It doesn't matter if the weapon/s used had been sold several times, the last owner of record is still responsible, if the sale and transfer have not been properly recorded. That should help take care of straw sales and dodgy private sales by the "Good Gun Owners" to the criminal "bad Gun Owners".

The message is getting out there. People are waking up and realizing that they, their children, their loved ones, friends, could be next. Something will be done whether the gunners like it or not, despite their fantasies. I'm hearing it everywhere I go. I am not hearing anyone defending the status quo out there in the real world I live in. Not one, not even the few gun owners I come across. They all want something done to stop the carnage.

How safe would I feel?

A hell of a lot safer than I do now. Don't you gunners realize that with each new mass shootings, the rest of us keep coming closer to having your so-called right to your precious arsenals severely restricted. All it takes will be one Supreme Court decision. Just one.
And the Second Amendment itself is not so sacred that it cannot be changed or rescinded altogether. Your blaming the killings only on criminals and thinking yourself all lily white with innocence doesn't wash and hasn't for a long time. You are all guilty of enabling those criminals by fighting any real attempt at common sense weapons control in this country. Spouting the law when it suites you and misinterpreting or flat out ignoring it when it doesn't is going to start working against you in the future.
Too many of the weapons used in killings are bought by the "criminals" themselves. Too many of you so-called "law abiding" gun owners are selling your weapons to the criminals, both directly yourselves and through gun shops. Those weapons are not all stolen, not by a long shot.
Change is a coming, whether you like it or not. It may take a while, but like stop smoking, it will happen. The longer and harder you fight against it, the more restrictive the results will be. Count on it.
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