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Sadly, this sums it up

Clip from the documentary Born Rich

Ivanka speaks about the time her father points out a homeless person outside his building.

"Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at seven it's marginal, right?"

This guy has 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Why is he so bad at talking to children?

Project Freedom Ride

It's a scary time for men and boys

Try a little kindness

South Carolina manufacturer says it's closing plant over Trump tariffs

Element Electronics, a consumer electronics company in South Carolina, says it will be closing its plant in Winnsboro due to tariffs imposed by President Trump.

The State reported Tuesday that the company was one of the largest remaining employers in Fairfield County after the local Walmart, which used to be the largest grocery store in the county, closed its doors two years ago.

The news also comes after plans were canceled to build two nuclear reactors in the area, terminating 5,000 construction jobs.
“When you think you’ve reached rock bottom, to get kicked in the gut like this, you didn’t think anything more could happen,” state Sen. Mike Fanning (D) said of Element's announcement to the local paper. “Within 365 days, you just get rocked to your core.”

Element said “the layoff and closure is a result of the new tariffs that were recently and unexpectedly imposed on many goods imported from China, including the key television components used in our assembly operations in Winnsboro,” in a letter to the state’s Department of Employment and Workforce obtained by the local paper.

Sheppard Smith dismantles "Spygate"

In just 2 minutes Shep dismantles almost every single recent Fox News narrative.

"Trump claimed Feds spied on his campaign ... calls it Spygate. Fox News can confirm it is not. Fox News knows of no evidence to support the president's claim"

Wednesday's NY Daily News cover

Republican is losing her business because of Trump, begs him to grant HER an exception

I am a business owner, a proud Republican, and a voter who supports President Donald Trump's campaign to level U.S. trade imbalances.

I am also angry, frustrated and a little scared, because the unintended consequences of the president's $50 billion tariffs on China would cripple my business in Auburn Hills and strip my 50 employees of their good-paying jobs.

This is crazy.

My company, Lucerne International, makes cast, stamped and forged components and assemblies for the automotive and heavy truck industries. Our largest contract is for the Jeep Wrangler. As one of the world's only companies producing Class-A forgings, we make the door, hood, windshield and tailgate hinges that sit outside Wranglers like polished jewels.

It starts overseas — we have seven plants in Asia, where the hinges are manufactured. They are shipped to the Lucerne plant outside Detroit, inspected, repackaged and sent to another auto supplier for assembly before being shipped to Toledo for installation on the vehicle.

For some strange and destructive reasons, the proposed Trump tariffs include an obscure provision calling for a 25 percent tax on "iron or steel, aluminum, or zinc hinges and base metal parts … designed for motor vehicles."

For the life of me, I can't figure out why my certified woman-owned company in the heart of Trump country is being targeted.

I'm angry and scared.

Scared that my president is about to make a terrible mistake.

Grant us an exclusion, Mr. President. Give us time to finish our work and bring manufacturing back to Michigan.

Does he know that my little company in my little corner of Michigan would lose 90 percent of its business overnight? Does he understand that a 25 percent tax on the components Lucerne uses would evaporate my profit margins? That it would shut us down?

I don't think he does. Because I know my president cares — and I've got to believe he will change his mind, grant sensible exclusions, and help companies like Lucerne make America great again.
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