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Palin and family involved in brawl

Police are investigating a brawl that took place in South Anchorage over the weekend involving around 20 people. A witness said it happened during a joint birthday party thrown in part for Todd Palin.
Coyne cites anonymous sources who described a shirtless Track Palin, Bristol Palin throwing punches and former Gov. Sarah Palin screaming during the melee.

Neighbor Charles Fryer attended the party, which he described as a joint birthday party for four people, including Todd Palin. He said Sarah Palin was at the party.

Fryer said the party was “basically peaceable” until the fight occurred around 11 p.m. He heard commotion in front of the house and stepped outside to check it out.

He described the fight as a dog pile “just like you see in a football game.”

The Link Between Guns and Suicide

Here is a statistic that surprises many people. Most gun deaths in the country, 19,990 - more than 60%, are suicides. These tragedies rarely make the news, get candlelight vigils, or prompt statements from our political leaders. There is little in the current national discourse which will impact these deaths.

If we want to dramatically reduce deaths caused by guns, we need to put as much focus on the preventing gun suicides as we do on gun homicides. And we can start at home. Three years ago, we launched our Suicide-Proof Your Home initiative based on the sobering fact that eight out of ten children and teens who kill themselves do so with a gun from a family member - usually a parent.

When our babies start to be able to move around, everyone from your pediatrician to your mother-in-law warns you it’s time to childproof. We cover sockets, put locks on cabinets, etc. You don’t think twice, it’s what all responsible parents do – better safe than sorry.

As our kids age, we think differently; they’re more responsible, smarter, can handle temptation better but access to guns is something that we can’t risk. Anyone who has parented an adolescent knows impulsivity can be an issue. One out of every four people who attempt suicide will spend just five minutes – around the same amount of time you’ll spend reading this blog – contemplating killing themselves before they make an attempt, 70% decide in less than an hour. Because suicide can often be an impulsive decision, limiting access to guns allows time for the suicidal impulse to pass or lessen in intensity.

9 year old girl said Uzi was too much for her

PHOENIX (AP) -- A 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed a shooting range instructor with an Uzi in northern Arizona had said immediately after the shooting that she felt the gun was too much for her and had hurt her shoulder, according to police reports released Tuesday.

Her family members were focused on the girl because they thought she was injured by the gun's recoil and didn't immediately realize instructor Charles Vacca had been shot until one of his colleagues ran over.

The girl's father was the first one in the party to handle a weapon. After the father fired shots, Vacca showed the girl how to shoot the gun, showed her a shooting stance and helped her fire off a few rounds.

Then, he stepped back and let her hold the Uzi by herself. She fired the gun, and its recoil wrenched the Uzi upward, killing Vacca with a shot to the head, according to the report.

County prosecutors say the instructor was probably the most criminally negligent person involved in the accident for having allowed the child to hold the gun without enough training. They also said the parents and child weren't criminally culpable.

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