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Oops -- Not Made In a $H!T Hole Country

Are the Admins paying attention again? A PPR ?

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A Fishing Story

The king wanted to go fishing, so he called on the royal climate scientist
and inquired as to the weather forecast for the next few hours.

The climate scientist assured him that there was no chance of rain
in the coming days. So the king went fishing with his wife, the queen.
On the way he met a farmer on his donkey.

Upon seeing the king the farmer said,
"Your Majesty, you should return to the palace! In just a short time I
expect a huge amount of rain to fall in this area". The king was polite
and considerate, he replied: "I hold the palace meteorologist in high
regard. He is an extensively educated and experienced professional.
And besides, I pay him very high wages. He gave me a very different
forecast. I trust him."

So the king continued on his way. However, a short time later a torrential
rain fell from the sky. The King and Queen were totally soaked and their
entourage chuckled upon seeing them in such a shameful condition.
Furious, the king returned to the palace and gave the order to fire the

Then he summoned the farmer and offered him the prestigious and
high paying role of royal climate scientist.

The farmer said, "Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting.
I obtain my information from my donkey. If I see my donkey's ears drooping,
it means with certainty that it will rain."

So the king hired the donkey.

And thus began the practice of hiring dumb asses to work in the
government and occupy its highest and most influential positions.

The practice is unbroken to this date and thus, the Democrat symbol was born!

Are we doomed?

In the 30+ years I've lived here (North Bay) I don't recall ever having rain in August. Well today it's raining. I'm REALly REALly scared that we won't make it through the day. My cars have rain drops on them, my citrus trees have drops of water on their leaves and I'm sure the creek next to my house will flood again.

Should I build an ark, move to higher ground or just sit here and continue to laugh at the climate DOOMers?

Is it PRESIDENT's Trumps fault? Should he be impeached for this disaster? Is he colluding with the RUSSIANSs to make it ran on all of the looney Leftys in an attempt to ruin their weekend by drowning their Cannibus and harshing their mellow?

DOOMED, we are surely DOOMED!!

A Tale of Two Homes

House #1
A 20 room mansion (not including 8 bathrooms) heated by natural gas. Add on a pool (and a pool house) and a separate guest house, all heated by gas. In one month this residence consumes more energy than the average American household does in a year. The average bill for electricity and natural gas runs over $2400 per month. In natural gas alone, this property consumes more than 20 times the national average for an American home. This house is not situated in a Northern or Midwestern "snow belt" area. It's in the South.

House #2
Designed by an architecture professor at a leading national university. This house incorporates every "green"feature current home construction can provide. The house is 4,000 square feet (4 bedrooms) and is nestled on a high prairie in the American southwest. A central closet in the house holds geothermal heat-pumps drawing ground water through pipes sunk 300 feet into the ground.

The water (usually 67 degrees F) heats the house in the winter and cools it in the summer. The system uses no fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas and it consumes one-quarter electricity required for a conventional heating/cooling system. Rainwater from the roof is collected and funneled into a 25,000 gallon underground cistern. Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets goes into underground purifying tanks and then into the cistern. The collected water then irrigates the land surrounding the house. Surrounding flowers and shrubs native to the area enable the property to blend into the surrounding rural landscape.

HOUSE #1 is outside of Nashville , Tennessee ; it is the abode of the "environmentalist" Al Gore.

HOUSE #2 is on a ranch near Crawford , Texas ; it is the residence of ex President of the United States , George W. Bush.

I thought both candidates were white?
Star Member JI7 (61,392 posts)
11. it had nothing to do with that. it's about white voters voting on race

Response to JI7 (Reply #11)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:26 PM
obliviously (1,591 posts)
42. When we stop reaching for the race card

every time something happens that we can't explain we will start winning again.

Response to obliviously (Reply #42)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:28 PM
Star Member JI7 (61,392 posts)
43. we can explain it. it's the denial of the obvious which makes it difficult

For some.

Response to JI7 (Reply #43)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:31 PM
obliviously (1,591 posts)
44. White people elected a black president to two terms.

Response to obliviously (Reply #44)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:32 PM
Star Member JI7 (61,392 posts)
45. majority of white people did NOT vote for Obama

Majority of every other race did vote for Obama.

Response to JI7 (Reply #45)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:37 PM
obliviously (1,591 posts)
48. Obama Matched Clinton in votes from whites and exceeded Carter

Response to obliviously (Reply #48)Tue Jun 20, 2017, 10:39 PM
Star Member JI7 (61,392 posts)
49. none of that changes the fact that majority of white people vote republican

And mostly because of race.


Time for another award: JI7 you finally win something

What are your hobbies?

What are your hobbies?

Mine include:

Fish Keeping -- most time consuming of them all (120, 75, 36, 29 and 20 gallons)
Old Guns and Reloading -- Always looking for a good deal
Golf -- twice per week.
Restoring old cars -- as time and garage space permit.
Model Railroading (Union Pacific "N", HO and "O" guage) -- winter hobby
Balsa Wood and Plastic Airplanes -- winter hobby
Coin Collecting -- Always looking for additions

The "Snowflake Cry" song for Lefty.

Enjoy Lefty!!

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Anyone had a bad experience with Amazon warehouse deals? I've had good experiences with them until today.

A couple of days ago I ordered a canister filter for one of my aquariums. I ordered the Hydor 350 and it arrived today. The first thing I noticed was stuff rattling around in the box. I thought no big deal because the filter media probably broke through the bag. Well, I opened it and noticed that the the box containing the filter was too big for the filter. I opened the filter and it still had water in it. The BIO media was wet and the sponge filters were dirty. Not a big deal as I have extras. The next thing I noticed was that there were only two media trays when there should be three. Next I noticed that one of the blades on the impeller was missing.

It seems that someone bought a 250 and broke the impeller. They then ordered a 350, put the broken 250 in the box and returned it to Amazon getting a refund for the more expensive filter. Amazon then "inspected" and resold it as "Like New" when it was anything but "like new".

What kind of scum would even think to do something like that?
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