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I never believed that for a second, living here in Michigan I saw what was happening

here on the ground.

Still here and watching what is happening "on the ground" and the GOP should be concerned.

BTW, I voted for the potlicker, trump and now wish I had left that portion of my ballot blank.

Pelosi Is the Star of GOP Attack Ads, Worrying Democrats Upbeat About Midterms

WASHINGTON - While Democrats grow optimistic about their chances of taking control of the House in November, they are increasingly anxious that the presence of their longtime and polarizing leader, Nancy Pelosi, is making it harder for many of their candidates to compete in crucial swing districts.

Republicans, clinging to a 23-seat majority in the House, have made the House minority leader a central element of their attack ads and are portraying many of their opponents as inextricably tied to the liberal from San Francisco. At the same time, some Democrats are expressing alarm that she is standing in the way of the next generation of leaders.

The tension was apparent Thursday, when Rashida Tlaib became at least the 27th Democratic House candidate to decline to say whether she would support Pelosi. Some Democrats fear that anti-Pelosi attacks aimed at the Democratic candidate in this week's special election in an Ohio congressional district helped push the Republican to a narrow lead.

The dynamic creates a conundrum for Democrats, many of whom rely on Pelosi's fundraising prowess and admire her political savvy and status as one of the country's most influential female leaders. But some also are beginning to speak out about how allowing Pelosi to remain in charge of the caucus could reduce the size of a Democratic wave in November or worse, imperil their ability to win the majority.


The DEMS would be wise to put Pelosi out to pasture if they had a iota of sense, but then again...they did run Hillary in 2016 so I guess "iota of sense" is out of the question...

"One Post Beyond" would make a good Netflix mini series... nt

After the pending economic collapse that will be fully realized by 2020, Biden will

kick his ass if he is even in the runn (which is doubtful).

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Well, I didn't want to go there but since you did. Yeah, what about it @righty..."free stuff" OK

for some but not others?

I'm conflicted here, indeed.

The first highest national gas price occurred during the Bush Jr. Admin, 2008.

Gas price record reaches $4 a gallon
AAA's daily survey tops the milestone for the first time after a 1.7-cent rise. Lundberg survey nears $4 as well.
By Mark M. Meinero and Ben Rooney, staff writers
Last Updated: June 8, 2008: 3:30 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( -- Gasoline rose to a milestone mark Sunday as the national average compiled by motorist group AAA reached $4 a gallon for the first time.

In a second survey, the average price came within 0.2 cent of $4 a gallon in the Lundberg Survey, which showed a 20-cent rise in the past three weeks to a new record.


19,000 or there abouts by mid-october. Flag this tape!!!

That's odd, you are on my "jury blacklist" and wouldn't be called to jury for one of my posts!

Is Jordan Peterson Enabling Jew Hatred?

Read more:

Editor’s Note, May 14, 1:08 p.m.: The original version of this article featured an illustration juxtaposing Jordan Peterson’s image with that of Hitler. In the eyes of many, the art equated Peterson and Hitler, which was not our intent. We were trying to convey Peterson’s intellectual interest in the phenomena of Hitler and the Holocaust. We apologize for the error.

Ari FeldmanMay 11, 2018

Jordan Peterson is a public intellectual adored by neo-Nazis, white supremacists and conspiracy theorists. The neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer called Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor-turned-self-help-guru, “The Savior of Western Civilization.” Paul Joseph Watson, a prominent conspiracy theorist for Infowars, has tweeted, “Jordan Peterson for Canadian Prime Minister.”

Part of why people on the far right like Peterson is because he is not afraid to talk about the Jews, and he has a lot of people to talk to. Peterson is on a 50-city tour of North America and Europe to promote his best-selling new book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. He has answered questions about global Jewish influence several times, in person and online. In an April blog post, he attributed that alleged influence to Jewish intelligence — an old anti-Semitic dog whistle.

Yet Peterson rarely speaks about anti-Semitism itself, even though he says he’s been obsessed with the Holocaust since he was a teenager and lectures on it frequently. Critics say this omission may encourage anti-Semitism among Peterson’s followers, who range from avowed neo-Nazi communities like the Daily Stormer to frustrated young men looking for a scapegoat. In an interview, Peterson told the Forward he feels that he is battling anti-Semitism through his work.

“Part of your responsibility when you have a platform like that, especially when you present yourself as an academic, is to make sure that you’re giving those audiences the full truth,” said Jared Holt, a researcher for People for the American Way who studies far-right media. If Peterson were to be more forthcoming about the importance of anti-Semitism in the Holocaust, it “might allow some of his viewers to think about course correcting,” Holt added.

The Trump admin. Is a scandal in motion. He won't be on the ballot come 2020,/make book on it.

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