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I don't think Trump is going to have a good week considering the Bush funeral and all. Open podium,

after open podiums to lament what BHWB would say if he were here this day to tell...

It's not going to be a Bush memorial, It's going to be a Trump "bash", indeed.

Michael Cohen's Plea Deal Poses a Significant Danger to Donald Trump Jr.

Sonam Sheth 19m
Donald Trump ,Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump
Donald Trump Jr. Alex Wong/Getty Images

•Michael Cohen is quickly emerging as one of the most dangerous cooperators not only against President Donald Trump, but also his son, Donald Trump Jr.

•Cohen's plea deal with the special counsel Robert Mueller raises fresh questions about whether Trump Jr. misled congressional investigators about a now-defunct proposal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

•Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee said Cohen's plea deal indicates that "other witnesses were also untruthful before our committee."

•A knowledgeable congressional source told INSIDER Trump Jr. was one of the witnesses to whom Schiff was referring.

By Sonam Sheth


Trump Jr. misled the House Intelligence Committee, per source

When he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last September, Trump Jr. told the panel he "wasn't involved" in the Trump Tower Moscow project and was only "peripherally aware" of it in 2016.

He also said he was not aware Cohen had reached out to the Russian government about the deal and indicated that Cohen's work with the Russian-born businessman Felix Sater on the project ended in 2015.

But prosecutors wrote that Cohen "discussed the status and progress of the Moscow Project" with Trump "on more than the three occasions Cohen claimed" to the Senate Intelligence Committee and that "he briefed family members" of Trump within the Trump Organization about it.

They also said Cohen admitted to pursuing the deal with Sater as late as June 2016, after Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

After Cohen's plea deal was announced, Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that Cohen's plea "highlights concern over another issue - that we believe other witnesses were also untruthful before our committee."

Military Warns EMP Attack Could Wipe Out America, 'Democracy, World Order'

by Paul Bedard
| November 30, 2018 09:33 AM

In an extraordinary and sobering report meant to educate the nation on a growing threat, a new military study warns that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran could essentially challenge the United States and displace millions.

“Based on the totality of available data,” said the report from the Air Force’s Air University and provided to Secrets, “an electromagnetic spectrum attack may be a threat to the United States, democracy, and the world order.”

The report, titled, “Electromagnetic Defense Task Force,” and the product of a mostly classified summit of officials from 40 agencies just outside of Washington earlier this year, is a forceful call for a new focus on preparing for either an enemy EMP attack or a natural hit such as a solar storm.

While it is focused on the devastating impact an EMP hit would have on the military, it appears to support a congressional warning that up to 90 percent of the population on the East Coast would die in a year of an attack that would dismantle or interfere with electricity, transportation, food processing, and healthcare.

Consider just some of the warnings in the report from the United States Air Force Air University and the Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education. Citing figures from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the report:
99 nuclear reactors would likely melt down without electricity to cool them.
4.1 million would be displaced from areas around the nuclear plants as the radioactive cloud spread.


What did Macron & MBS say to each other? Camera catches pally chat at G20 (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Nov, 2018 18:34
Edited time: 30 Nov, 2018 21:35

The French president appeared smiling but stern towards the Saudi crown prince on the sidelines of the leaders’ summit in Argentina, but internet lip-readers are trying to decipher every word.

One might have expected a less than royal reception for Mohammed bin Salman, as the de-facto ruler in Riyadh remains embroiled in accusations over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October.

READ MORE: Putin high-fives MBS at G20, but did he shake Trump's hand? (VIDEO)

Instead he appears to be treated as the naughty little brother, receiving a high-five from Vladimir Putin and what seemed like friendly admonishment from Macron on Friday night, in full view of a journalist's camera.

Highlights include Macron's faux-exasperated "You never listen" ("I will listen, of course" a slightly sheepish MBS allegedly replies) and the crown prince vowing that he is a "man of his word."


Remains of 3 Troops Killed in Afghanistan Return to US

WASHINGTON — The remains of three service members killed in the deadliest attack against American forces in Afghanistan this year have arrived back in the U.S.


Media representatives were on hand early Friday to witness the somber transfer of the flag-draped cases of two of the service members. The transfer of the third man was done in private.

The men were killed Tuesday by a roadside bomb in Ghazni province, where the Taliban is resurgent.

They were identified as Army Capt. Andrew Patrick Ross, of Lexington, Virginia; Army Sgt. 1st Class Eric Michael Emond, of Brush Prairie, Washington; and Air Force Staff Sgt. Dylan J. Elchin, of Hookstown, Pennsylvania.clip


Former Dallas Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man In His Apartment, Indicted For Murder

Amber Guyger was initially charged with manslaughter for the fatal Sept. 6 shooting of Botham Jean.


Nov. 30, 2018 / 3:07 PM EST / Updated 3:54 PM EST
By Minyvonne Burke

The former Dallas officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man inside his apartment, which she said she mistook for her own, was indicted Friday on a murder charge.

Amber Guyger, 30, was arrested on Sept. 9, three days after she allegedly shot Botham Jean. She was initially arrested on a manslaughter charge and was released from jail on $300,000 bond the same day she was arrested.

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said during a press conference that a grand jury returned the murder charge after they "presented evidence, and explained the law."

"We did a full, complete presentation to the grand jury," Johnson said, declining to say what evidence was shown to the grand jury.

“At the moment of this shooting, it was an intentional and knowing offense,” she said.


Tie Rone material right there!!!

Hearty Handshake Between Putin And Saudi Crown Prince Goes Viral

While some world leaders distanced themselves from the Saudi crown prince accused of ordering the assassination of a journalist, and from Russian President Vladimir Putin. But those two men appeared happy to see each other at the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Putin clasped each other's hands and smiled widely as they greeted each other Friday. The greeting quickly gained traction on Twitter.

This soooo had to piss off 2scoops that his neocon handlers forbid him from partaking in these festivities.

Trump is little more than a "potted plant" these days since he passed foreign policy over to AIPAC. SAD, indeed.

'This Is an Illegal Hoax': Trump Calls for End to Mueller Investigation After Cohen Pleads Guilty

WASHINGTON - After his former attorney pleaded guilty to lying in hopes of covering up potential Russian ties, President Donald Trump ended his Thursday lashing out at the special counsel investigation and calling for its demise.

In a pair of tweets after landing in Argentina for the G20 summit, the president called the two-year investigation a "total witch hunt" and accused special counsel Robert Mueller of ignoring crimes committed by the "other side."

"This is an illegal hoax that should be ended immediately," the president said on Twitter late Thursday. "Mueller refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side. Where is the IG REPORT?"

It's far from the first time the president has attacked Mueller and his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but as time has gone on, Mueller's investigation has inched closer to the president and his closest advisers. '


'Individual #1": Trump Emerges as A Central Subject of Mueller Probe

In two major developments this week, President Trump has been labeled in the parlance of criminal investigations as a major subject of interest, complete with an opaque legal code name: “Individual 1.”

New evidence from two separate fronts of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation casts fresh doubts on Trump’s version of key events involving Russia, signaling potential political and legal peril for the president. Investigators have now publicly cast Trump as a central figure of their probe into whether Trump’s campaign conspired with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

Together, the documents show investigators have evidence that Trump was in close contact with his lieutenants as they made outreach to both Russia and WikiLeaks — and that they tried to conceal the extent of their activities.

On Thursday, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress when he insisted that Trump was not pursuing plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow after January 2016, casting Trump’s repeated claims that he had no business interests in Russia in a new light. A draft special counsel document revealed Tuesday also indicates that prosecutors are closely scrutinizing Trump’s interactions with a longtime adviser, Roger Stone, as Stone was allegedly seeking information about WikiLeaks’ plans to release hacked Democratic emails.


Buchanan: Are the Saudi Princes True Friends? Is Trump about to replicate President Bushs folly?

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By Patrick J. Buchanan

The 633-word statement of President Donald Trump on the Saudi royals’ role in the grisly murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi is a remarkable document, not only for its ice-cold candor.

The president re-raises a question that has roiled the nation since Jimmy Carter: To what degree should we allow idealistic values trump vital interests in determining foreign policy?

On the matter of who ordered the killing of Khashoggi, Trump does not rule out the crown prince as prime suspect:

“King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder… (but) it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge.”

Yet, whether MBS did or didn’t do it, the Saudis have “agreed to spend and invest $450 billion in the United States.” And a full fourth of that is for “military equipment from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and other great U.S. defense contractors.”

“Foolishly” cancel these contracts, warns Trump, and Russia or China will snap them up. Moreover, the Saudis have agreed to pump oil to keep prices down.

Trump is unabashedly putting U.S. economic and strategic interests first. He is not going to damage our relationship with Riyadh and its royal family, even if the future king ordered a cold-blooded killing of a U.S.-based Saudi journalist he regarded as an enemy.

The stark manner in which Trump framed the issue will force the members of Congress of both parties to decide whether they wish to defy Trump, sanction the Saudis and risk the relationship.

Other contentions in Trump’s statement suggest that one of the reasons he is giving the crown prince a pass on the Khashoggi killing is that he sees MBS as an indispensable ally against our real enemy in the region.

After his introductory line, Trump goes into a tear that begins: “The country of Iran… is responsible for a bloody proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen.”

But is this true?

In 2015, it was on the orders of Mohammad bin Salman, then defense minister, that Saudi Arabia intervened in the civil war in Yemen, after Houthi rebels in the north overthrew a Saudi puppet and overran much of the rest of the country.

It is not Iran but Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with U.S. munitions and logistic support, whose troops, bombs and blockade are responsible for the thousands of causalities in Yemen and the millions who suffer from cholera, malnutrition and starvation.

It is not the Iranians who are trying to close the last port of entry for humanitarian aid for the suffering civilian population.

Iran, said Trump, is “propping up dictator Bashar Assad in Syria (who has killed millions of his own citizens)… Likewise the Iranians have killed many Americans and other people throughout the Middle East.”

But the cause of the 7,000 U.S. military dead in the Middle East in this century, and the 60,000 wounded, are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that were launched by the United States and George Bush, not by Iran.

As for U.S. civilian casualties, the 3,000 we lost in that monstrous atrocity of 9/11 were the victims of 15 Saudi terrorists, not Iranians.

While Iran has aided its Shiite allies in Iraq, and those allies have fought Americans, the major terrorist organizations we fight today in the Near East, Middle East and Africa — al-Qaida and its affiliates, the Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab — are all Sunni, like the Saudis.

These terrorist groups are Iran’s enemies as well as ours.

“Our paramount goal,” Trump declared in his statement, “is to fully eliminate the threat of terrorism throughout the world.”

But this objective is every bit as utopian as George W. Bush’s second inaugural where he declared the “ultimate goal” of U.S. foreign policy to be “ending tyranny in our world.”

Terrorism and tyranny have been with mankind forever, and they will be with mankind forever.

Trump both titled and concluded his statement “America First.”

And had an America First policy been pursued in this century, we would not today be tied down in these forever wars of the Middle East.

We would not have attempted to create a Western-style democracy in the wilds of Afghanistan. We would not have invaded Iraq, or attacked Libya, or armed rebels to overthrow Assad, thereby igniting a war that has cost half a million Syrian lives and made refugees of millions.

In his statement, Trump praises Saudi Arabia as a “great ally in our very important fight against Iran.”

Yet, Iran has not attacked us, does not want war with us and remains in compliance with the nuclear treaty from which we walked away.

Trump is president because he promised to extricate us from the Mideast wars into which some of his closest advisers, along with some of our closest “allies,” helped to plunge his country.

Is President Trump about to replicate President Bush’s folly?

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