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100% correct as he will not be on any ballot come 2020...

Maybe McCain will authorize the release of said tape upon the reading of his will.... LOL!!!

What a grand gesture that would be, indeed.

I never believed that for a second, living here in Michigan I saw what was happening

here on the ground.

Still here and watching what is happening "on the ground" and the GOP should be concerned.

BTW, I voted for the potlicker, trump and now wish I had left that portion of my ballot blank.

Pelosi Is the Star of GOP Attack Ads, Worrying Democrats Upbeat About Midterms

WASHINGTON - While Democrats grow optimistic about their chances of taking control of the House in November, they are increasingly anxious that the presence of their longtime and polarizing leader, Nancy Pelosi, is making it harder for many of their candidates to compete in crucial swing districts.

Republicans, clinging to a 23-seat majority in the House, have made the House minority leader a central element of their attack ads and are portraying many of their opponents as inextricably tied to the liberal from San Francisco. At the same time, some Democrats are expressing alarm that she is standing in the way of the next generation of leaders.

The tension was apparent Thursday, when Rashida Tlaib became at least the 27th Democratic House candidate to decline to say whether she would support Pelosi. Some Democrats fear that anti-Pelosi attacks aimed at the Democratic candidate in this week's special election in an Ohio congressional district helped push the Republican to a narrow lead.

The dynamic creates a conundrum for Democrats, many of whom rely on Pelosi's fundraising prowess and admire her political savvy and status as one of the country's most influential female leaders. But some also are beginning to speak out about how allowing Pelosi to remain in charge of the caucus could reduce the size of a Democratic wave in November or worse, imperil their ability to win the majority.


The DEMS would be wise to put Pelosi out to pasture if they had a iota of sense, but then again...they did run Hillary in 2016 so I guess "iota of sense" is out of the question...

"One Post Beyond" would make a good Netflix mini series... nt

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