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Close the borders.

Open the FEMA camps.

Good as an excuse as any.

You give him too much credit.

He played a role. He was pretty good at it. Still fools a lot of people.

When you look at who was around at the time, neo-con wise, many reappeared with Bush the Lesser.

Had they not taken on the unions, NAFTA would not have happened under Clinton.

Had they not supported Saddam and Bin Laden, we wouldn't have what we have today in the middle east.

Go back a little farther to Nixon.

Who opened up communist china?

It's still a communist country, only now it's our main rival economically, militarily, and politically.

What happened to the American economy?

Carter: the oil crisis economy.

Regan: the service economy.

Bush1: It's not that bad economy.

Clinton: Borrow it while you can economy.

Bush2: No body saw it coming economy.

Obama: You better hope it changes economy.

And let's not forget our Congress. Either side.

and so it goes


Maybe you missed it.
Maybe you didn't get what was happening.
Think about this.
Why are drone attacks that kill civilians at weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations reported ?
Often with the tag line of "suspected terrorists" in the vicinity.
Just who do you think are being targeted?
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