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Some thing to think about.

Agree or disagree on a proposal for a law that should a firearm be stolen from an unsecured vehicle, the owner would face a judge in court and could be fined up to $500. As many guns stolen from unsecure vehicles wind up in criminal hands. Locking a car door should not be that big a burden on a responsible gun owner. If a gun was stolen and the vehicle as broken into, there would be no fine imposed. Judges will have discretion to impose a fine, issues probation, or dismiss as they see fit.

OPM breeched.

Chinese hackers breached the computer system of the Office of Personnel Management in December, officials said Thursday, and the agency will notify some 4 million current and former federal employees that their personal data may have been compromised.

The hack was the second major intrusion of the agency by China in less than a year.

OPM, using new tools, discovered the breach in April, said officials at the agency who declined to comment on who was behind the hack.

Other U.S. officials, who spoke on conditions of anonymity because it is an ongoing investigation, identified the hackers as being from China.

The American economy is not healthy.

It hasn't been for quite a while. Under any administration. Wal-Mart being a prime example of misreading economics.

What Wal-Mart is a very good example of trickle down economics. At the top the owners retain their capital and increase their profits by stifling competition from small businesses that made up the middle class in the post war years. Post war being WW2.

In place of competitive wages and superior product as was the original plan of Sam Walton, It went with holding down wages and out sourcing to the lowest cost supplier. That supplier being a dictatorial communist country which to this day remains so.

You see Sam Walton knew as did Henry Ford, your customer base needed jobs that paid well enough to purchase your products. Wal-mart being the largest grocery store in the Nation has the highest percentage of customers on food stamps as employees.

It takes in more welfare money than just about any corporation. That being the case, corporate welfare is very profitable. The fact it is funneled from your taxes to their bottom line finds you delighted is a windmill of your own choice.

The middle class used to have three components, the upper tier of professionals and small business owners, the middle of mangers and tradesmen, and the blue collar working class being the largest of the three.

Removing manufacturing from an industrial based economy, lowers employment opportunity and reduces the tax base and increases poverty. Not only that, out sourcing to an other country's economy limits the growth of management jobs, the historic move from blue collar to white collar employment. It also reduces the need for skilled tradesmen and reduces the customer base for small business owners.

Adding technology into an industrial economy increases economic out put by reducing labor costs. Using that capital to spend in improving infrastructure to take advantage of opportunities within the work force. Classic example is the growth of modern Chinese cities and their infrastructural base.

Going full circle, the service based economy is decreasing. Simply math explains that less money spent in a consumer economy results in decreased employment and sales tax revenues. Local communities dependent on sales taxes to pay bonds used to fund themselves are in deep trouble. It just goes down hill from there.

Despite blowing economic bubbles in tech, housing, the stock market, the bond market, and the credit market. The economy is slowing down.

What happens next? The middle class continues to shrink and so does the tax base.

There are a lot of people who see the economy as a pay check and the taxes that come out of it. They know something is wrong with the economy. It feels unfair. It's human nature to look for someone or something to blame.

I don't blame Wal-Mart for what it is. It is useful. As we age out, it's what America is doing, it will be the go to supplier for many people. They will sell more Depends than they do Pampers in a few years.

US code still applies.

States have limited what their police and prosecutors should pursue and MJ is no longer in the top ten.

Federal LE and AJ are not inclined to pursue casual users which the States, historically, have done within their jurisdictions. Even then, first offenders seldom face serious consequences for simple possession and personal use of MJ. Some are more strident in the application of local laws when they see fit.

Immigration status is an other area where States have opted out of interdiction, arresting and reporting, based solely on residency status. Some states will no longer house immigration violators, if they are not facing criminal charges other than residency. So, it cuts both ways.

Recently, limitations on asset seizure were revised which some jurisdictions have not complied with either. The DOJ so far has said it will review compliance and issue guidance, before, it decides if it will seek other remedies.

The leverage remains with the Federal DOJ, who can arrest and shut down any MJ facility and their users as they do not require state authorization to do so. The same way they can enter a State Chartered bank and seize its accounts, records and assets.

It is in the interests of the DOJ to accept plea deals in criminal cases to expedited convictions. It is in the same line of compliance that allows States to modify how they treat MJ users. Limited decriminalization follows the same pattern of thinking.

Better yet.

Stop the talks.

Let Iraq fall to ISIS. That will take Syria down too.

Probably destabilize Lebanon and collapse that government.

Jordan would be next.

That ought to change the minds of Jewish voters.

It is a Israeli problem.

And a Saudi problem.

Mean while, The Kurds who want a homeland, and the Shia Militia lead by Iranian's, are fighting ISIS whom the Saudi's funded, as Hezbollah fights on the side of the Syrians against groups comprised of ISIS allies. Both the Kurds and Iranian lead Militias and by proxy Hezbollah are receiving US air support.

As a Nation we are responsible for what happens to Iraq. We bought that piece of real estate with blood and treasure. Were before there was no Al Qaida in Iraq when Saddam was in power, there are tens of thousands. These radicals are a threat to the west and the east.

But, the country helping to defend Iraq is not to be trusted. Does anyone find it a bit suspect that Iran is one country where we do not have troops stationed inside its borders? We have had and will continue to have troops in most of Europe, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and are in and out of Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the Gulf States.

We are tied to Iraq and Af-Pak-astan despite assurances we would not be. Next up Africa from the Med to the Cape of Good Hope.

Let me put this simply. We do not have the resources to continue to do this.

American civilian political policy needs a critical rethink on where we deploy our military and what we can achieve diplomatically to assure this Nation's security and success into the future.

The current spate over the 47 does not help. What we can not achieve militarily, needs to be done diplomatically. People need to put the interest of this Nation first. That would include both political parties who entered into the Iraq War and the Af-Pak War to wise up post haste.

Does anyone think Putin would have put Russian troops into Ukraine unless the US and its Allies weren't exhausted from ten years of fighting in the sand box? They know what happen to themselves in Af-Pak.
They counted what was sent to fight and track causality lists, morale, and funding.

As does China.

Expanding the military budget is not an option. Unless we intend to raise taxes to highs not seen since 1955 and lower living standards to the 1970's stagflation years. Thank you, but, no thank you!

If it's in our interests to find agreement with Iran and focus on the threat posed by ISIS and to secure Iraq then that's what needs to happen.

The US will not abandon Israeli. We can't give up access to the oil either. And we sure as hell do not have a choice about killing off ISIS.

Some well travelled never expose themselves for good reason.

Your experiences tell of being able to defend yourself based on instructions not acquired from western universities. I will presume you are not an aggressor, unless provoked. In which case your experience and training will determine what action you will take. History is relevant to the perception of a threat.

The State of Israel is the outcome of their history. Therefore what happened in the last century is as relevant to them as your history is to you. Why would the same standard not apply to Iran?

Sadat was assassinated to make way for Mubarak. Rabin was assassinated to end the peace process.

You don't like Mr. Carter. Perhaps Mr. Bush would like to give it a go?

You start by talking, not by demanding assurances. Dialogue. Maybe a nice cup of tea.

Both can stop looking for excuses and begin talking to one another.

Secular? The Jewish State? As secular as a Kosher deli perhaps?

Shia theocracy for sure. No question.

I'd prefer bringing Iran into the circle of developing Nations with western influence as a help.

Have a good evening.

Uneducated radicals do not run Iran.

Looking at Iran's history would require questioning who was responsible for the over throw of its elected government in 1953.

Fool me once, shame on you.

The Iran Iraq war

Fool me twice, shame on me.

The Iraq war.

Nobody is fooling anybody.

Sadat, not Mubarak, came to agreement with Begin.

Perhaps Mr. Carter could negotiate a peace treaty between Iran and Israel.

That would require the Israeli side and the Iranian side to put their differences aside for the sake of peace.

There are Israelis I know who wouldn't have a problem with them talking. Like wise Iranians.

Neither of which have much faith in their respective government to do so.

Surprisingly, both sides say it's the religious who have too much influence over the government.

Facts are facts.

The fact AIPAC contributes to politicians is a well known fact.

People are free to draw their own conclusions as to why.

Personally, I think they do it because it benefits them in some way.

There is nothing unsavory about taking care of one's self interests.

Provided they do not impinge upon what is legal.

Politics tends to defer, what ethics describes as right or wrong, to its own calculated judgements.

He took what he had at hand.

For all he knew Jesus was a prophet. Either that or the Romans had it right when they crucified him for being the King of the Jews and their Messiah? It's a bit perplexing on how one answers that question.

The new covenant was exclusive to the Jews if the prophecy was fulfilled and if that's the truth of the NT. The majority of the Jews rejected Jesus as god. In that sense he was a prophet to them. He was not the Messiah they had been promised.

What else would Mohammed conclude? The Romans actually killed god? Can't happen. Even god made man to fulfill a prophecy? How can that be? God is god. There is god and all else. It is monotheism as he understood it.

The Jews were waiting on a King who would give them dominion over their enemies. They knew who god was. Their god delivered them from Egypt. Gave them his commandments. Sent his prophets to them. He destroyed cities.

Which when you think about it that explains why the religious of tribe condemned Jesus as a false prophet.

Which brings me to Saul. He didn't know Jesus. Yet, he thought Jesus would be OK with including the heathens into the holy light of redemption. Now we are back to the Romans being correct and the Jews have had a prophecy they were not expecting delivered to them.

If that's the case, the NT starts to make much more sense. Now not just the Chosen have a way into the kingdom of the One True God, everybody does. Mean while the Jews will have to wait.

Why would a prophet, of no lesser standing that Saul, not convince the many of a path revealed to him in a dream as opposed to a flash of lightening, be any less believing?

This isn't a test of your faith. It's just my point of view. You may dismiss what I said if like.
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