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Loaves and fishes.

and they said to him: master the people are hungry and have nothing to eat.

what have we at hand? he asked

a basket of fish and some loaves of bread, not enough to feed but a few, and they are many.

he said, give them what there is

and lo, all were feed from that meager ration

and they fell to their knees and praised him for the miracle he brought

he said: it is not I who do this, but thy father, remember always,

the poor shall be with you for all times

show goodness and mercy for their own sake

Would you be so kind as to explain what values and solutions a "real conservative" would promote?

There is quite a broad range of options as to just what that might be, I'd like to see what your view is.

We haven't invaded, so there is that. Not recently any way.

Boosted the Canadian economy three fold during probation. So I've heard.

Adopted hockey for the terminally snow bound and thanks for the coaches and players.

Provided jobs for many refugees that were educated in Canadian universities.

Never threw up on our shoes celebrating Canadian Day, if there is such an event.

Proved the English language isn't what it once was. eh?

Made Canadian bacon respectable.

Ferried your Troops during WWII.

Never forced you to enjoy Spam, the human dog food.

Kept quiet on the UFO base. You know the one.

Attempted to keep democracy a useful component to the societies we both enjoy.

Little things that over time amount to neighborliness.

And we've given the BIBER a home. That alone is worth something.

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