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Where are the jobs?

The jobs that would MAGA.

Get the jobs that have health insurance and good wages going in the economy.

The jobs come first. Tax cuts can wait awhile.

And no, I don't like paying taxes, but, I don't want to see Americans in part time low paying no benefits jobs either.

Make the investment in American jobs.

If, they are going to cut two regulations out for every new one. apply the same to tax rates for corporations.

Every dollar of tax cut comes with two dollars of investment into jobs for Americans.

IMHO that's a mis-reading of the relationship.

NK has little influence inside the the power structure of China's governing body, whereas, Israel has many supporters in the Congress, the White House, and both political parties.

The concept of dual citizenship is a function that China does not practice inside its governing hierarchy.

China for its part has maintained the cease fire north of the 38 parallel for 60 plus years. It's not that there have not been incidents by the NK. NK hasen't invaded their neighboring states either. The same can not be said for the US-Israeli partnership.

In, 1975 when NK requested help to invade the South. China said: absolutely no.

China's concern is who do they replace the NK dynasty with? Should the power structure be disrupted and all influence be disposed of, allowing civil war in the North to break out? Competition of the Generals would lead to warlords and a lawless state on China's border.

Neither the South or Japan want that either.

Killing Kim is easy. Killing the 10,000 cousins of Kim who run the military and police state isn't.

I expect the last thing China wants is to have to occupy NK for several generations and suppressing a civil war that would over take the borders both north and south.

Xi explained to Trump "it's complicated". He wasn't joking.

It will come down to how China decides to change NK's path.

They do not want to look weak. And they do not want to look like they are following Trump's lead.

China may make an offer to Japan on security. By not addressing NK directly, but, sending a message NK will understand.

China's press will begin reporting of problems inside NK. Small gestures will begin to under cut the diplomatic and economic ties. The west will not see much at first. If the NK dig their heels in, the next step is to offer the NK the benefits of partnership with its big brother.

China may ramp up its army and navy exercises close to NK borders. As a demonstration as to who NK will have to defend itself from should they miscalculate where a missile test went wrong.

China has many options. It's chief concern is to insure stability in its country.

Which exemption would that be?

President Obama recently issued a special rule for Congress and congressional staff to get a special subsidy to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange unavailable to every other American at similar income levels,” said Republican Sen. David Vitter. “That’s an exemption, plain and simple.”

When Obamacare was passed into law, Sen. Charles Grassley, the Iowa Republican, attached language to the bill that mandated members of Congress and their staffers would have to buy health insurance on the newly created health insurance exchanges. What nobody accounted for at the time was that members of Congress and their staffers currently have health insurance through their employer – the federal government. No other employer has been legally required to drop its employee’s health care plan and have them buy coverage on the exchanges.

Like most other large employers, the federal government contributes a portion to the premiums of its employees. In fact, like many employers, the federal government pays most of the premiums for its workers; an average of 72 percent on Capitol Hill. The law didn’t account for the continued employer contribution for these federal workers who would now be buying their insurance on the exchanges. The exchanges were designed to help people without health insurance and people with overly expensive health insurance. It became clear that without their employer contribution, members and their staffers would essentially be getting a cut in pay and benefits equal to thousands of dollars. Even Grassley, the provision’s author, had said the government should continue to contribute to lawmakers’ and staffers’ premiums. What the Obama administration has done is ruled that the congressional workers will continue to receive the employer contribution to help them buy their insurance on the exchange.

False. Congress is no more exempt than any other employer who drops coverage and then helps employees purchase insurance on the exchanges.

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"There is photographic evidence of her throwing bottles as part of that violence."

If you have a link or could post the photos. I'd appreciate it. I looked and couldn't find any of her throwing bottles.

If she did, she needs to be charged with rioting and assault and battery.

Damigo needs to be charge also. Same charges could apply.

The local police failed to take control of the situation.

AG Sessions should require an investigation into the events and participants.

Crimes were committed including conspiracy to riot, rioting, and assault and battery; as far as I can see.

The law applies equally.

Bill O out of Fox.

South K will not start a war with the North.

If anything, and that's a very big if, China thinks it's in its interests to de-neuclearize NK, it will not allow the US or SK to have anything to do with it publicly.

US military posturing only reinforces the hardliners in the PLA to expand its modernization plans, on the premise the US intends to attack China in the future.

If Kim dropped dead, there will be a power struggle. Just who China wants to come out of it will determine the course of what happens.

Should China decide to modernize NK, it faces the possibility of an aggressive NK looking to consume SK.

In 1975, NK went to China to request support for an invasion of SK.

China said no. It had other plans. Plans that did not include open warfare in Asia.

The result of which helped China to expand economically to the number 2 position today.

They did, just not the one most people think of.

Flamethrowers are included in the chemical weapons category.

The 1980 Protocol III on Incendiary Weapons of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons restricts use of incendiary weapons as a means or method of warfare during armed conflict.

Germany, the US, Japan, USSR and England used flamethrowers during WWll.

Soviets used them in Afghanistan and the US in Viet Nam.

Once Mitch pulls the trigger

It won't matter.

I'm looking forward to seeing Gorsuch on the Bench.

In the interests of non partisanship

Not a criticism of your observation and commentary.

The "something else" are here too.

Nunes has created more problems for Trump than he's solved.

Ryan is under a lot of pressure to cover for the POTUS and keep it all in House.

The GOP establishment has as much to protect, as they do ripping the D's with the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. With control in the House, the GOP has influence in the timing and releasing of information.

Trump ran as an outsider. Anti establishment populist.

The GOP will squeeze him for all he's worth politically. And the D's will help them do just that.

Nunes, in my opinion, acts like the Judas goat. His role is to lead the flock into the slaughter house.
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