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Displaced economically and polarized politically isn't the definition of insane. Exploiting the rift between economic classes into sub cultures identified by race, religion, and other broad markers, in the movement to retain the levers of power wasn't the imprint of the Carter era. The Carter era may have been the best example of how power was transformed by radical political agendas.

Under the cover of reforms, deregulation, privatization, and their partners in the revolving doors of self interests, the vast majority of citizens were shut out of sharing in the economic expansion and saddled with debt. How one aligns with a political party, often share its views of the opposition as the drunken sailor's and miscreants one holds in contempt.

The radicalization of contempt by identity politics found its mate in Washington DC. That exploit is going strong and will continue, provided it servers the purpose of those in power.

And to be clear, those individuals in power do not include those who voted for either political party's choice.

Voters of establishment politics are participants by definition in the political process.

Power is determined by the ability to finance the individual in attaining office and maintaining that influence.

Historically, the worse the economic expectations become for the majority, the greater the shift to the extremes of radicalization occur. The greater the effects in economic disparity, the more obvious the resort to violence appears commonplace.

This isn't Nation against Nation.

To end the war with Japan, two atomic bombs were used.

Did the US drop them to kill the Japanese Emperor? No.

Why? He was the god emperor of his people. That wasn't the same situation with Hitler. Even though he had tens of thousands of fanatical followers, he wasn't accepted as the godhead of Germany.

Germany was defeated before his death. Hiro Hito lived on as Emperor until 1989.

The difference is political as opposed to cultural identification.

One might kill the despot and minimize the fallout. The case of Germany.

To kill the god emperor, you would have to kill the culture. The case of Japan.

None identified Dresden or Nagasaki as the holy places of their culture.

There are two things I can rely on, one can not fix the stupid or stop the crazy.

If after destroying Iraq, a lesson was not learned, you can expect both the stupid and the crazy to continue.

Washing the world in blood is what the stupid and the crazy want us to do.

I don't think we're stupid and I don't think we're crazy.

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