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Friday 24271 at the close.

Previous close 24216. 2 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21197. Low of the day 24269. Last Friday close 24580.

Have a good weekend!

24215 DOW.

Previous close 24117. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21197. Low of the day 23997.

Dow 24117

Previous close 24283. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low. 21197. Low of the day 24115.

Someone let the air out of the tires...

So Korea wins 2-0

So Kor scores again/ under review

So Korea scores

Sweden up by 3 over scoreless Mexico.

South Korea Germany 0-0.

Games in progress

24283 DOW.

Previous close 24252. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21197. Low of the day 24241.

24252 Dow.

Previous close 24580. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21197.

GW Bush imposed tarriffs

in 2002, George W. Bush imposed tariffs — which are essentially a tax imposed on imported items — on steel in an attempt to revive the industry in the United States.

The tariffs added costs for both businesses and consumers, states a 2003 report from the U.S. International Trade Commission.

According to the report, the tariffs resulted in a host of headaches, including:

49 per cent of steel-consuming firms reported some difficulty obtaining steel,
32 per cent of manufacturers, including automakers and canneries, reported delays in production,
19 per cent of firms passed along price increases to customers,
Overall employment in the sector generally fell or remained flat.

The report does indicate that U.S. producers saw an uptick in domestic purchases and wages lifted.

Thousands of jobs were lost; one report — from an industry group — said roughly 200,000 jobs hit the chopping block.

FBI releases study of pre-attack behaviors of active shooters .

For anyone interested.
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