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DOW 25419

Previous close 25306. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21600. Low of the day 25345.


9.03 at close. 52 wk high 10.71 54 wk low 5.11

DOW 25306.

Previous close 25451. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21600. Low of the day 25287.

25451 for Friday 7/27/18

Previous close 25531. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21600. Low of the day 25370. Last Friday close 25058.

Pick up of 400 +/- for the week


8.70 to close. 52 wk high 10.71 52 wk low 8.11 Previous close 8.58

DOW 25531

Previous close 25414. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21600. Low of the day 25463.


8.59 at close. 52 wk high 10.71 52 wk low 8.11

Turkey's new border wall to stop Syrian refugees

For Syrians looking to flee relentless violence, there aren’t a lot of options left. Neighboring countries have clamped down on most escape routes, trapping hundreds of thousands inside the country.

Now Turkish officials say that, within five months, Turkey will build a gigantic wall to seal off the entire 900-kilometer border it shares with Syria, aiming to stop illegal crossings and combat smuggling. A 200-kilometer stretch has already been completed after construction began in 2014.

It’s a reversal for a country that for years took in millions of Syrian refugees, with officials often pointing out the contrast between its generous open-door policy and Europe’s restrictive approach to refugees. As recently as last month, the Turkish parliament’s speaker Ismail Kahraman complained in a speech in Strasbourg that while Turkey took in 2.7 million Syrians, Europe was “building walls” and “closing their doors.”

90 percent of its Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China is completed.

Russian natural gas company Gazprom said Wednesday that just over 90 percent of its Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China is completed.

"By now, a total of 1,214 miles, or 90.5 per cent of the linear section running from Chayandinskoye to the Chinese border in the Amur Region, is finished," the company's statement read. "The bulk of construction and installation work for this section will be completed this year."

Gazprom said construction on the facilities for gas production from fields feeding the pipeline is about halfway completed. Pipeline testing and installation of a power supply is scheduled for 2019.

Turkey vows to keep buying Iranian oil: We will not obey

“We buy oil from Iran and we purchase it in proper conditions,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Tuesday. “What is the other option?”

Cavusoglu’s comments raise the specter of yet another clash between the U.S. and Turkey, which is also in the final stages of an arms deal with Russia that could trigger American sanctions. Turkish officials, in both cases, have dismissed the U.S.’ threat of sanctions to constrain the choices of other countries.

“While we are explaining why we will not obey these sanctions, we have also expressed that we do not find these U.S. sanctions appropriate,” Cavusoglu said Tuesday.

Maybe next year. Trump delays next meeting with Putin

Other signs had already emerged raising doubts about the second Trump-Putin summit. On Tuesday, Putin’s foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov threw cold water on the prospect of Putin accepting Trump’s invitation to visit the White House.

Ushakov told journalists in Moscow that no preparations were underway for a meeting in Washington and there were “other options that our leaders could consider,” such as the late November meeting of the Group of 20 in Argentina or another international event that both would attend.

and fake news CNN trolling trump

1 It shows the perils of inviting world leaders via Twitter, without prior agreement, which the White House did last week amid a flurry of criticism over the Helsinki summit. Whether Trump was doubling-down or seeking a do-over, there is wide agreement this was hastily arranged.

2 The decision to delay the invite comes just before Secretary of State Pompeo is set to testify on Capitol Hill, where few (if any) members believe Putin's visit is a good idea.

3 This is another embarrassing moment for Trump on Russia, the latest in a string of them. After Putin didn’t immediately accept the invitation, it left the White House hanging.

EU Juncker on trade.

"We will hold off on further tariffs, and reevaluate existing tariffs on steel. This was a good and constructive meeting," Juncker said at the joint conference.

Up again. 25414 on the DOW

Previous close 25241. 52 wk high 26616. 52 wk low 21496. Low on the day 25113.

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