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DOW 28065

Previous close 27875. 52 wk high 28090. 52 wk low 21712. Today's low 27917. High 28065.

NASDAQ : 8632 ▲

S&P : 3133 ▲

Soybeans : 8.92 ▼

Oil WTI : 57.98 ▲

Off to a good start for the week.

House, Senate reach agreement on subcommittee spending levels

The appropriations process appeared to get back on track Saturday after House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey and Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard C. Shelby reached an agreement on subcommittee allocations, according to two sources familiar with the negotiations.

The accord is a positive sign for appropriators, who have been waiting for months to learn how much of the $1.37 trillion in fiscal 2020 funding they would have to spend on each of their bills.

Appropriators have not yet begun discussing how to package the bills, but it's unlikely there would be a 12-bill omnibus, due to the handshake agreement to prohibit such packaging that went along with the July spending deal.

If negotiators can reach agreement on the full dozen bills, they'll likely pass in two or three packages, possibly on the same legislative day.

Fed's 42-Day Repo 2x Oversubscribed In Scramble For Year End Liquidity

Traders were keenly looking ahead to the result from today's 42-day repo as this was the Fed's first liquidity-injection providing dealers with funding to carry them over into next year, as the operation was the first to mature in 2020 or January 6 to be precise. And, as many had feared, year-end liquidity fears remain front and center as the $25 billion operation proved to be roughly half the required size to satisfy all liquidity demands.

Dealers submitted $49.05BN in bids for the 42-day op ($33.55BN in Treasurys, $5BN in Agency, $10.5BN in MBS paper), resulting in a nearly 2x oversubscription of the $25BN in available repo

As are reminder, while most US bank have a GSIB surcharge of around 2%-3%, JPMorgan remains an outlier - and is perceived as the "riskiest" bank - with its 4.0% surcharge. It's also the reason why the bank has been quietly pulling liquidity away from funding markets ahead of quarter-end periods.

Why Giuliani Eyed 2 Oligarchs to Help Dig Dirt

VIENNA — They were two Ukrainian oligarchs with American legal problems. One had been indicted on federal bribery charges. The other was embroiled in a vast banking scandal and was reported to be under investigation by the F.B.I.

And they had one more thing in common: Both had been singled out by Rudolph W. Giuliani and pressed to assist in his wide-ranging hunt for information damaging to one of President Trump’s leading political rivals, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Mr. Firtash’s relationship to the Trump-allied lawyers — Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova — has led to intense speculation that he is, at least indirectly, helping to finance Mr. Giuliani’s campaign. But until now he has stayed silent, and many of the details of how and why he came to hire the lawyers have remained murky.

Mr. Kolomoisky, a banking and media tycoon who is one of Ukraine’s richest men, is also known for financing mercenary troops battling Russian-supported separatists in eastern Ukraine. Earlier in April, The Daily Beast had reported, citing unnamed sources, that the F.B.I. was investigating him for possible money-laundering in connection with problems at a bank he had owned. He is also entangled in a civil lawsuit in Delaware.

Mr. Kolomoisky offered a warning of his own, predicting in the Ukrainian press that “a big scandal may break out, and not only in Ukraine, but in the United States. That is, it may turn out to be a clear conspiracy against Biden.”

++++++++++++ Looks like Fox news commentators are busy bees...

DOW 27875 for Friday 11-22-19

Previous close 27766. 52 wk high 28090. 52 wk low 21712. Today's low 27773. High 27898.

NASDAQ : 8519 ▲

S&P : 3110 ▲

Soybeans : 8.96 ▼

Oil WTI : 58.03 ▼

Good week for the markets. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend everybody.

...with help from Macedonia...

A Former Fox News Executive Divides Americans Using Russian Tactics

SAN FRANCISCO — At first glance, the websites Conservative Edition News and Liberal Edition News have only one thing in common: Both have been carefully curated to inflame America’s culture wars.

Conservative Edition News is a repository of stories guaranteed to infuriate the American right. Its recent headlines include “Austin sex-ed curriculum teaches kids how to obtain an abortion” and “HuffPost writer considers Christianity ‘dangerous.’”

On Liberal Edition News, readers are fed a steady diet of content guaranteed to drive liberal voters further left or to wring a visceral response from moderates. One recent story singled out an Italian youth soccer coach who called Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate activist, a “whore.”

Exploiting American cultural and political fissures to drive traffic to his websites has worked wonders. At last count, Mr. LaCorte had more than three million followers on the social network and 30 million unique visitors to his sites. Even he couldn’t believe his success.

The spreading of politically divisive content or even blatant disinformation and conspiracy theories by Americans is protected free speech. Security experts said the adoption of Russian tactics by profit-motivated Americans had made it much harder to track disinformation.

In time, he reached a conclusion similar to one reached by the young Macedonians in 2016. They discovered they could make tenfold their country’s average monthly salary using Google AdSense’s pay-per-click ads next to inflammatory stories aimed at pro-Trump American audiences.

Facebook shut down Mr. LaCorte’s pages and even employees’ personal accounts last week after researchers at Nisos and The Times asked about his business. The move, which Mr. LaCorte denounced as conservative censorship, killed off roughly 90 percent of his income.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the action had nothing to do with content. After learning of the pages, she said, Facebook concluded that Mr. LaCorte had violated its terms of service by buying and exchanging so-called site privileges, and that accounts in his network had engaged with well-known Macedonian “troll farms.”

Maybe Rudy was looking in the wrong country?

DOW 27766

Previous close 27821. 52 wk high 28090. 52 wk low 21712. Today's low 27708. High 27828.

NASDAQ : 8506 ▼

S&P : 3103 ▼

Soybeans : 9.00 ▼

Oil WTI : 58.34 ▲

Senate passes stopgap spending bill, sends it to Trump

The Senate cleared a month long spending bill Thursday, sending it to President Donald Trump’s desk hours before government funding was set to expire at midnight.

The vote was 74-20.

The continuing resolution is the second temporary spending bill Congress has passed since fiscal 2020 began on Oct. 1. Once Trump signs it — as his aides say he will — the stopgap measure will fund the government through Dec. 20, giving appropriators more time to hash out numerous divides over policy riders and programmatic spending levels.

Benjamin Netanyahu Charged With Bribery And Fraud In Corruption Probe

The Israeli Attorney General has indicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after months of uncertainty over whether Netanyahu would be able to retain his leadership of the country. Netanyahu will be charged with corruption by Israeli prosecutors, including charges of bribery and fraud, a spokesman for the country’s justice ministry said.

Netanyahu, a four-time premier, is to be charged with bribery in one case, and with fraud and breach of trust in all three cases in which he allegedly made illicit deals either with supporters or with local businesses, in exchange for gifts or cash.

DOW 27821

Previous close 27933. 52 wk high 28090. 52 wk low 21712. Today's low 27675. High 27897.

NASDAQ : 8526 ▼

S&P :3108 ▼

Soybeans : 9.14 ▲

Oil WTI : 56.91 ▲
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