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DOW 26703

Previous close 25409. 52 wk high 29568. 52 wk low 24680. Today's low 25391. High 26706.

NASDAQ : 8952 ▲

S&P : 3090 ▲

Oil WTI : 47.41 ▲

Soybeans : 8.91 ▲

What a difference a weekend makes...

38% Of People In Survey Are Avoiding Corona Beer Due To Coronavirus

A survey of more than 700 beer drinkers has revealed some stunning results. First, there are apparently no signs of intelligent life for the human race left on Earth. And second, people are completely ignorant as to what the coronavirus is, how it is transmitted and what can be done to prevent it.

Chinas Non-Manufacturing & Manufacturing PMIs... the Economy Has Collapsed

Mar 1, 2020
China’s Non-Manufacturing & Manufacturing PMIs Show to What Unfathomable Extent the Economy Has Collapsed

Purchasing Managers’ Indices (PMIs) are a tally of how executives see their own company – whether business activity at their company rose or fell compared to the prior month, whether new orders rose or fell, whether they added or shed staff, etc. Executives and their companies remain unnamed. A value above 50 means expansion; a value below 50 means contraction. PMIs are an early indication of business conditions – and by extension, of the economy.

And in China, both, the PMI for the non-manufacturing sector and the PMI for the manufacturing sector, released on March 1, have collapsed to unfathomable lows, showing to what extent the measures to impede the spread of the coronavirus have shut down the economy.

The official Non-Manufacturing PMI, released by the National Bureau of Statistics, collapsed from 54.1 in January (still well into expansion mode) to a previously unthinkable low of 29.6...

The official China Manufacturing PMI, released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics, had already been either in the doldrums or in outright contraction for the past 14 months. In January it was at 50.0, the stagnation point. In February it collapsed to a previously unfathomable 35.7...

But, can you trust China to provide accurate information?

Explainer: Coronavirus reappears in discharged patients, raising questions in containment fight

February 28, 2020 / 3:31 AM / Updated 6 hours ago

SHANGHAI/LONDON (Reuters) - A growing number of discharged coronavirus patients in China and elsewhere are testing positive after recovering, sometimes weeks after being allowed to leave the hospital, which could make the epidemic harder to eradicate.

On Wednesday, the Osaka prefectural government in Japan said a woman working as a tour-bus guide had tested positive for the coronavirus for a second time. This followed reports in China that discharged patients throughout the country were testing positive after their release from the hospital.

An official at China’s National Health Commission said on Friday that such patients have not been found to be infectious.

Experts say there are several ways discharged patients could fall ill with the virus again. Convalescing patients might not build up enough antibodies to develop immunity to SARS-CoV-2, and are being infected again. The virus also could be “biphasic”, meaning it lies dormant before creating new symptoms.

5 Mistakes by the CDC and FDA Set Back Virus Testing

Feb. 28, 12:13 a.m. EST

The federal agency shunned the World Health Organization test guidelines used by other countries and set out to create a more complicated test of its own that could identify a range of similar viruses. But when it was sent to labs across the country in the first week of February, it didn’t work as expected. The CDC test correctly identified COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. But in all but a handful of state labs, it falsely flagged the presence of the other viruses in harmless samples.

As a result, until Wednesday the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration only allowed those state labs to use the test — a decision with potentially significant consequences. The lack of a reliable test prevented local officials from taking a crucial first step in coping with a possible outbreak — “surveillance testing” of hundreds of people in possible hotspots. Epidemiologists in other countries have used this sort of testing to track the spread of the disease before large numbers of people turn up at hospitals.

“We’re weeks behind because we had this problem,” said Scott Becker, chief executive officer of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, which represents 100 state and local public laboratories. “We’re usually up-front and center and ready.”

The CDC announced on Feb. 14 that surveillance testing would begin in five key cities, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. That effort has not yet begun.

DOW 25409 for Friday 2-28-20

Previous close 25764. 52 wk high 29568. *** 52 wk low 24680. Today's low 24681. *** High 25494.

DOW 28992 Friday 2-21-20

NASDAQ : 8567 ▲

S&P : 2954 ▼

Oil WTI : 45.10 ▼

Soybeans : 8.85 ▼

Hopefully things will get better, in the mean time, stay safe and enjoy the weekend..

Hyundai Halts Production At Major South Korean Plant After Worker Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Hyundai Motor Company halted operations at its Ulsan, South Korea, manufacturing complex's second factory on Friday after a worker tested positive for Covid-19, disrupting production lines of its sport utility vehicles, reported Reuters.

According to the automaker, "colleagues who came in close contact with the infected employee" have been placed in "self-quarantine" and are being "tested for possible infection."

It's just the latest indication of the massive economic toll that the coronavirus is having on the already-struggling South Korean economy, which was already mired in a trade dispute with Japan before the virus arrived.

DOW 25764

Previous close 26957. 52 wk high 29568. 52 wk low 24680. Today's low 25899. High 26775.

NASDAQ : 8566 ▼

S&P : 2978 ▼

Oil WTI : 46.91 ▼

Soybeans : 8.87 ▲

Thoughts & prayers...

5 alleged white supremacists arrested for targeting journalists

Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Federal officers have arrested five alleged members of the white supremacist group Atomwaffen Division across the country on charges of conspiring to harass and intimidate journalists and activists.

In a separate case, prosecutors said in a press release that four alleged members of Atomwaffen in Washington state, Texas, Florida and Arizona were also arrested Wednesday for conspiring to intimidate Jewish journalists and journalists of color who reported on their group.

According to the criminal complaint, beginning in November 2019 and continuing until Feb. 5, the suspects -- Cameron Brandon Shea, 24, of Redmond, Wash.; Kaleb Cole, 24, of Montgomery, Texas; Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, 20, of Spring Hill, Fla.; and Johnny Roman Garza, 20, of Queen Creek, Ariz. -- threatened journalists by sending them intimidating posters containing swastikas, other Nazi imagery and messages by mail and plastering them to the homes of their targets.

5 White Supremacists Charged With Intimidation Campaign

In the Virginia case, prosecutors accused John Cameron Denton, 26, whom they described as a former Atomwaffen leader, of harassment through a tactic known as “swatting” — calling the police and falsely describing an imminent threat at a specific location, causing the authorities to respond in force.

“Denton said that if he was ‘raided’ for swatting ProPublica then it would be good for Atomwaffen Division because the swatting would be seen as a top-tier crime,” Jonathan Myles Lund, an F.B.I. agent, wrote in an affidavit. The affidavit named 134 law enforcement agencies that investigators believe received swatting calls from Mr. Denton and others.

The Atomwaffen Division is sometimes referred to as an “accelerationist” group, meaning it wants to instigate the collapse of the United States by sparking a race war that will eventually lead to the creation of a white ethnostate. Atomwaffen is German for “atomic weapons,” a particular interest of its founder.

The fringe group is similar in its racist ideology to the Base, seven of whose members were arrested in an F.B.I. operation across several states last month.

DOW 26957

Previous close 27081. 52 wk high 29568. 52 wk low 24680. Today's low 26890. High 27542.

NASDAQ : 8980 ▲

S&P : 3116 ▼

Oil WTI : 48.69 ▼

Soybeans : 8.81 ▲
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