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Alabama weather....

They have just issued a PDS(particularly dangerous situation) for all of North Alabama and Central Tennessee....The sun is shining bright here and it's ramping up to be a fun afternoon/evening....

House of Roberts, _eek, Lazarus Long, Def con, D26-15...yall stay safe...I imagine I will be getting in the storm cellar soon..I hear the rumbling....I'm not looking forward to tonight...the cats and dog are freaked out and I leave for vacay tomorrow(and NYC is expecting SNOW!)

Have a good evening...

Astronaut DNA

Spending a year in space not only changes your outlook, it transforms your genes.

Preliminary results from NASA’s Twins Study reveal that 7% of astronaut Scott Kelly’s genes did not return to normal after his return to Earth two years ago.

The study looks at what happened to Kelly before, during and after he spent one year aboard the International Space Station through an extensive comparison with his identical twin, Mark, who remained on Earth.

NASA has learned that the formerly identical twins are no longer genetically the same.


This is interesting...I wonder what the long term effects of space travel will have on the body. It makes me think that if someone signs up for a Mars mission, they might not be able to come back to Earth due to the cellular changes....

NYC restaurants

What’s your favorite??

We are looking for a steakhouse.



Google AR 15 and then click on will get no results...I tried multiple search engines and multiple results found....

People can be for and against guns...that's a perfectly acceptable debate...Censorship, however, is not acceptable. We are either a free society or we are not..

Most people live their lives happily along believing the good in people, the government, etc...but then one day, something happens..a shooting....people on all sides go crazy...some people decide they have to do something, and they are in a position to do it....The biggest search engine in the world, Google, censors the world...If you google, bing, etc.... search AR 15, you find wiki, negative articles, etc...but no option to can't tell me that in a world of 6 billion people, there are no AR 15's for sale??? REALLY???

This leads to the gist of my op...someone(don't know who...a person, a group, a government official) decided to censor the world....We should be outraged at that....not for the fact that they hid gun searches, but that they hid anything....are we not free? What else have they been censoring? And who is doing it? All sides should be concerned about this....not just gun people...guns are the topic today, but what about down the road? or in the past? It makes you wonder who or what is setting the tone on all conversations....

God, I sound so paranoid....but the veil has been lifted...It can be proven that we are being censored and controlled...This is frightening...It reminds me of the scene in "They Live" where he puts on the sunglasses and all is revealed....

Anyway, it's something to ponder...yall have a good day.

Life and online friends

I found out a friend of mine died yesterday. I had never met him, but I considered him a friend all the same. I first got to know him on's a conservative website, similar to this format. It was originally hollywoodhalfwits, buy changed later....this was in the 2000's...Facebook came along, so we all decided to reveal ourselves and became friends there. For the past 8 years, we've all shared politics, marriages, divorces, moves, jokes and all kinds of stuff....

Anyway, Pict was a cool guy. He was Scottish, living first in cali, then texas. He was former military (RAF) and was an engineer. Said the f word waaaay too much, loved breasts (for heart health ), whisky, and his dog Rico. He gave me great advice when my boy was having seizures, and he had kind words when my nanny died and then when my pop passed.

He had malaria last fall, and then never seemed to recover fully. He died of cardiac arrest. His last post was that he felt like s$!t and he hoped the docs found out what was going on.

Anyway, you don't have to meet people to be friends of a sort. I'll really miss his salty humor. He was a good and honorable man...

He would have liked this site, but probably would have been FFR in a week..

RIP Pict/Ken

What's for supper?

We had homemade pizza with sausage and pepperoni...for dessert we had Girl scout cookies...I usually cook a good dinner for Sunday after church, but just didn't feel like it tonight. My boy made the pizza..It was delicious..

Aladdin the dog and Brian Beale, DVM

This summer, Haddonfield rescue dog Aladdin was headed to Los Angeles to compete for the title of American Humane’s Hero Dog of the Year.

Having been named the society’s Therapy Dog of the Year in honor of his work with trauma victims, “Laddy” was one of seven dogs in the running for its top title.

Although he didn’t take home the ultimate honors, the trip was a big win for the rescue dog, whose story touched the heart of veterinary surgeon Brian Beale.

Dr. Beale, a board-certified veterinary surgeon known for his television show Animal ER, was so moved by Aladdin’s resume that he offered to repair the dog’s hind legs at no cost to his owner, Michele Schaffer-Stevens.


Aladdin's story: He was an extremely abused dog, yet he has thrived with his new parents....

Brian Beale, DVM, a vet on Animal ER, met Laddie and fell in love with him. He determined he could give Aladdin a better life and offered to do surgery on him to improve his quality of life. This guy went through the complicated process to become licensed in the state of NJ(he's in Texas). Yesterday, he did the surgery on Aladdin...100% cost free to the owners....He flew to NJ and took the time out of his life to help this dog...

Aladdin didn't win the American Human Awards, Abigail's her story..

Aladdin has a long road to recovery, but according to Michelle, he's doing well today....

Aetna Under Investigation

California is investigating Aetna, the nation’s third largest health insurance provider, after a former medical director at the company admitted under oath that he never looked at patients’ records when deciding whether to approve or deny care.

First reported by CNN, Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma is now under investigation by California’s insurance commissioner Dave Jones.

fter CNN showed Jones a transcript of Iinuma’s testimony, Jones told the broadcaster that his office is investigating the extent of this practice. “If the health insurer is making decisions to deny coverage without a physician actually ever reviewing medical records, that’s of significant concern to me as insurance commissioner in California—and potentially a violation of law,” Jones said.

Iinuma’s deposition is part of a lawsuit against Aetna aet filed by a college student who is claiming breach of contract and bad faith. The student, Gillen Washington, was denied coverage for an infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin, a treatment for an immune disorder from which he suffers.


I do not doubt this one bit. I know that BCBS in my state regularly denies services based on medical necessity. I have dealt with this kind of stuff a lot in my career. I have even provided proof that services should be covered and they have been routinely denied. I tell people that an insurance company, even medicare and tricare, does not care about patient care. They care about the money. It's ALWAYS about the money. I don't care what they say, it's always the cost.

NYC recommendations please

We are traveling to NYC in March, and I would like to know if you guys have any great hotel that you would recommend. I had a place booked, 1871 House, in the Lower East side, but they cancelled as they are changing their business model from short stays to longer stays.

We will be in Manhattan. My rectangle is anywhere below and to the right of Central Park, so basically, the Lower East side, but we are flexible. We don't want to stay anywhere north of Central Park. Preferably within a 5 minute walk to a subway or bus stop....Our budget is 300-400 a night...We want a safe place that is bed bug free...It's not our first trip to the city, so we know our way around a little bit.

I have looked at dozens of hotels and can't really narrow them down. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! And y'all have a nice day.

Items the government has spent money on in the past.....really.....

$30 million to help Pakistani Mango farmers:

$765,828 for pancakes

$120 million in retirement and disability benefits to federal employees who have died

$113,277 for video games:

$100,000 for a celebrity chef show in Indonesia

and there are more, I am sure...

This is an old link, but I know the stupidity has not changed:
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