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Trophy hunters

So tonight I hit my limit with trophy hunters. I have many family members that hunt. My BIL got a 10 point today. The difference is that everyone I know that hunts, eats it or it is to keep the overall population heathy.

But this dude from Idaho killed an entire baboon family, even the baby and then killed fourteen other types of animals.

So, I am going to admit I was wrong. Killing an entire family of animals that won’t be eaten, is wrong.

And then I see where a 7 year old in Oklahoma tortured his neighbors dachshund and almost killed the poor little thing. Seven.years.old. God help us.

Y’all have a good night.

The stigma of raising a mentally ill child


My son is not mentally ill, but he does have autism and epilepsy...When he was little and would have meltdowns, we got the stares..the snide comments(no, you cannot beat the autism out of a child you moron), I'm a bad mother, etc...

I really empathize with parents who have children that need help..There is nothing wrong with therapy..It helps so much. We've been going for 7 years...but we are lucky because either our insurance pays for it or we can afford to pay it...not many people can say that so their poor kid doesn't get the help he/she needs and suffers...

And then there is the stigma...oh my goodness, the stigma...the whispers(did you hear about johnny so and so? He tried to kill himself or he self harms...) Parents ignore the signs hoping it will go away or just outright deny it..(not MY kid)..

Anyway, we are in the midst of a mental health crisis in our country and we have two choices: ignore it and watch it get worse, more kids die OR we make access to mental health services easier...I'm a social conservative, but I pay a crapload of taxes and I would really love to see our money not wasted on wars or the study of why people eat meat...

Y'all have a great day..

What you think vs what is real...

Poor KNOW he thought it was going to taste like a candy bar...

This kid owns me!! When he slumps his shoulders and looks off, it's like he's reevaluating his whole life...

It reminds me of politicians...

Mexico beach destroyed....

so sad...the beaches of the panhandle are many happy memories along there...

A theory

Trump fires sessions. Replaces him with graham. Haley takes Graham’s seat. Sessions knocks out Doug Jones in Alabama( that will happen based on Jones comments a few days ago regarding following the will of the voters).

Tom steyer complains about rich, white men

Tom Steyer is a white billionaire hedge fund manager. He is just like rich people who complain that rich people keep them down and we should embrace socialism.

They live in bizarro world. They don’t even recognize their role and their own hypocrisy.

DEA Clears the Cannabis Drug Epidiolex for Sale in the U.S.

But feds say it doesn't change the legal status of marijuana or its compounds, CBD and THC

he Drug Enforcement Agency ruled Thursday that the new epilepsy drug Epidiolex—which contains CBD, a chemical extracted from cannabis plants—won’t face the same federal restrictions as other products made from marijuana. That will make Epidiolex the first medication derived from marijuana that doctors can legally prescribe everywhere in the country.
However, the decision applies only to Epidiolex. The DEA still considers CBD—or cannabidiol—in other forms to be a Schedule I drug, the same as heroin and LSD.

While many states have passed laws legalizing CBD, citing its potential health benefits, from the federal government’s perspective the compound remains illegal, at least when it comes from marijuana. (The legal status of CBD from hemp, a related cannabis plant, is murky; read “What Is CBD?” for more details.) And that DEA classification also still applies to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical in cannabis plants that can get users high.

“We are pleased that the DEA has placed Epidiolex in the lowest restriction schedule because it will help ensure that patients with Lennox-Gastaut, and Dravet syndrome, two of the most debilitating forms of epilepsy, can access this important new treatment option through their physicians,” Justin Gover, chief executive officer for GW Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Epidiolex, said in a statement.


This is FANTASTIC news!! I think it's going to be expensive though, from what I have read. One of my friend's children suffers from Lennox-Gastaut, and hopefully, this will help with seizure control. Another person I know has had great success with CBD in relation to her child's epilepsy, so I hope they revisit legislation in the future.

I can never be in politics

I will be disqualified due to my after work activities during my Space Camp tenure. And college. I was on a first name basis at The Velvet Underground.

And there was that night at La Vela in Panama City beach.

Oh my,

Bullied autistic teen has last laugh....

Miss Utah hopeful takes autistic high schooler to homecoming after classmates play cruel prank

A Utah high school student got the last laugh after receiving a fake invitation to homecoming from bullies, as it led to a Miss Utah hopeful taking him to the big dance.

Shortly after Labor Day, Taylorsville High School student Michael Conrad was the target of a cruel prank in which anonymous tormenters egged his house and left behind a homecoming invitation, Fox 13 reports.

According to KSL, the fake invite was attributed to a cheerleader whom Michael is friends with. His mother, Jennifer Conrad, told Fox 13 that someone even “kissed the paper.”

Working up the courage to approach his friend in school about her supposed offer, she was sad to deliver bad news.

“She said, 'Michael, I already have a date. I’m so sorry. I had nothing to do with that.' She felt bad,” his mom recalled.

Though Michael brushed the matter off, Jennifer wasn’t so easily forgiving. Her son has autism and ADHD, and she said the incident impacted him negatively.

“I was out for blood. Mama bear was awoken,” Jennifer told Fox 13.



My boy has been dealing with bullies this year...on more than one occasion..The school so far has been handling it, but if I get one more call, all bets are off....The one thing that sticks in my mind from this article is the quote “I automatically broke down into tears, because just thinking about the fact that someone would go out of their way to make someone else feel bad is so heartbreaking to me.”

I shouldn't be surprised that kids are aholes..The adults in this world are too..the kids are just copying what they see...I'm just glad to see that this had a happy many bullied kids kill themselves.

Parents of boys

Parents of boys must understand the brave new world Democrats are attempting to usher in and the legitimate threats it poses to their sons' futures – their reputations, college and career prospects, and general welfare.

Democrats' instantaneous presumption of guilt for Judge Kavanaugh is setting a new standard for sexual assault allegations wherein they should be accepted simply for having been made. Moreover, the allegations are to be believed, despite lacking any semblance of credible evidence, solely for having been made by a woman.

A girl comes forward accusing your son of sexual assault. The case she lays out contains minimal evidence with fuzzy, uncorroborated details and zero recollection at all of many foundational material facts. Two of the only three people the girl claims are in a position to corroborate the allegation issue patent denials, and the only person with whom the incident was disclosed prior to a public accusation against your son contradicts key facts of the allegation. The accuser has a demonstrable history during that period of her life of underage intoxication, and your son unequivocally denies that the situation ever occurred. When the authorities offer to hear her testimony, she issues a list of demands designed to obscure your son's quest for the truth and unfairly prejudice the investigation significantly in her favor. To compound matters, failure by your son to disprove these allegations will result in him losing everything – his reputation, friends, college admission prospects, scholarships, and career opportunities, along with an infinite amount of additional harm.


Women who claim assault should be heard. That being said, there has to be proof. A witness. DNA. Physical evidence. Something.

Many peoples lives are ruined in accusation. How many innocent people during the Salem witch trials were killed because of an accusation? All of them. None were guilty. Not one shred of truth.

In recent memory, many men have gone to prison for rapes they didn’t commit. Lives ruined because of an accusation later proved to be false. Duke Lacrosse. Tawana Brawley. UVA. Gregory Counts. Sacred Heart University. Brian Banks.

Rape claims need to be investigated, but if we presume guilt first, we do a disservice.

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