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A funny for today

Riots in alabama

Just kidding...there aren't any...some pretty mad people though now that they are reading up on Doug Jones....


My friends and I have decided that our choice was diarrhea or vomit....

There was at least a 40% voter turnout, so that is a plus. Richard Shelby is getting slammed and he could be primaried at his next election...that will be fantastic as I am totally against career politicians...

Interesting times.

Voting today

It's our big day in husband voted this morning after he took the boy to school. He said he was number 50. That's a lot for 8 am in our district. We only have about 700 people registered to vote in our little area. I'm going this afternoon....I will be voting for a man that I think is a can draw your own conclusions as to who that is....they are both precious.

With the vote count so high at our place, I imagine we will have a high turnout. The weather is overcast, not raining, and not too cold. There is usually very little turnout historically.

Man risks life to save a wild rabbit from the wildfire

Way to go dude...just glad you didn't get have to really be careful in a fire.....this could have gone so differently, but thankfully, both lived.

Corey Feldman vindicated

The former child actor claimed in October that he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 during their investigation into Michael Jackson's molestation charges. The Sheriff’s Office denied those claims, saying they had no records of Feldman revealing such information, until now.

"In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located"
- Kelly Hoover, SBCSO Public Information Officer

Cover up or honest mistake? I am a supporter of the police as a general rule, but I smell a rat....

Heckler Shames Plus-Size Marathoner

Latoya Shauntay Snell is a marathoner who loves to run. She was looking forward to finishing her eighth marathon while running the 2017 New York City Marathon on November 5, 2017.

She pushed through the race and was rounding out the last four miles when a man’s comments about her body suddenly stopped her in her tracks. “I am not the first person to experience it and unfortunately I know that I will not be the last person,” she told LittleThings. “We need more education to be put forth about how the human body works and to end these stigmas of what a ‘real body’ should look like.”

The rude bystander began heckling Latoya about her weight and how long it’d take her to finish. “Naturally, when you sign up for any endurance event, you prepare your body and mind for harsh conditions,” she wrote online. “Unfortunately, I never considered the need to prepare myself for harassment on the course — especially not in a place I call home.”

Sadly, the man had no idea how much she sacrificed to be there and that the marathoner was running to help heal from having a miscarriage earlier that year.

After losing valuable time, she continued on and shortly later, realized she had nothing to prove to him.


You never know what someone is going through...This lady had miscarried twins late in her pregnancy. the heckler reminded me of some people on here....I once learned a lesson about boy and I were in Mcdonald's and there was a guy dressed like a hobo next to us...I thought, a homeless man...anyway, his phone rang and whatever he did for a living, he got $1000 a day plus expenses....he then got up and drove off in a very expensive car. I learned a valuable lesson that day, and try to never repeat it.

Anyway, mean people suck...

Wisdom from a 3rd grade dropout...

This is amazing.....

3 years

My boy is 3 years seizure free today. I think he is considered in remission. That may be 5 years. We've cried, prayed, fasted and had many scares over the years, but today is a momentous day.

If you donate to charity, please consider dannydid and the chelsea hutchenson foundations. They are 2 charities that help a lot of families. Epilepsy is expensive.
God is good.
Yall have a great day!

This is cancer...Kayne Finley

I have followed this young man's story since I first learned of him through the facebook page, "special books by special kids." Kayne also has his own page, cannonballs for kayne. He was diagnosed at 17 with a rare brain cancer, DIPG He fought the good fight for a year before succumbing to the rare brain cancer that he had. He was such a brave kid and I have shed many tears for him and his family as I followed his fight, even though I did not know him personally.

I share this today because it is Cyber Monday, and you can choose Kayne to donate to if you make a purchase on They want to help fund research for DIPG.

the link to amazon:

Nathaniel “Kayne” Finley, 18, of Ormond Beach, Fla. went to his forever home on the morning of November 24, 2017, just one year after learning he had DIPG-Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer.
Born to Curtis Lee and Kirsten Darlene Finley, Kayne grew up in Union, Ky., moving to Florida in 2013. Swimming has always been part of Kayne’s life. He was a member of USA Swimming through Northern Kentucky Clippers and Daytona Beach Speed swimming clubs. He swam for one year with Ryle High School and as an alumnae of Spruce Creek High School, Port Orange, Fla., Kayne swam and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity while beginning a national, public charity, called Cannonballs for Kayne Foundation, at the age of 17, with a mission to raise awareness and fund research for a DIPG cure, while also assisting families afflicted with this terrible disease and other forms of brain cancer.

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