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Trump and Apple

I don’t think the government, republican or democrat, should have a back door key to unlock phones. As with ALL things that start out innocently, it will be exploited. Also, if our government has a key, so do the criminal hackers.

Sorry President Trump. I did not think the Obama administration should have this access and I don’t think your administration should have it either.

Life or something like it

As some know, my boy has epilepsy, and is over five years seizure free. Met with the neuro yesterday. We are going to start reducing the depakote. He takes a low dose. 500 mg and will now go down to 375 mg for four to six months and then a further reduction. A prolonged taper because he’s nervous. The doc is going to work with him on this. She thinks with normal EEG’s, normal MRI, never having to adjust the dosage, he will have a good outcome.

Mama’s nervous and will spend many a night in prayer.

I’ve read depakote withdrawal can be hard. I hope it’s not.

Y’all have a good day!

Student who saved classmates from shooting honored by Lucasfilm as Jedi

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A North Carolina college student hailed by police as a hero for preventing more injuries and deaths after a gunman opened fire in a classroom has now been immortalized as a Jedi by the production company for the Star Wars franchise.

News outlets report the family of Riley Howell, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte student who is described as a huge Star Wars fan, was tipped off by Lucasfilm, in May that it planned to honor him in a forthcoming book, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - The Visual Dictionary." The book was released by publisher DK to coincide with the release of the new film "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."

As a small tribute, our Story Group has incorporated a reimagining of Riley’s name as a character in the Star Wars galaxy,” Seastrom continued. " The Force will be with Riley, and all of you, always..."

The entry in the book is just 66 words, but credits Jedi master and historian "Ri-Lee Howell" with collecting "many of the earliest accounts of exploration and codifications of The Force."

Riley Howell’s mother, Natalie Henry-Howell, told The Charlotte Observer that this actually marks the second time her son has appeared in a “Star Wars” book: When he was a little boy, an uncle had a personalized book made for Riley that put him in the starring role of “The Phantom Menace.”


Very cool....and very nice...I doubt I would be able to make the sacrifice this young man did...

Merry Christmas from the sunny South!!!!

I hope y'all have a great day tomorrow, eat a lot of good food and do what you do that you enjoy....It's flip flops and shorts weather favorite type of Christmas weather...

About to start our annual Christmas rituals....the Polar Express, hot chocolate, and A Christmas Carol....

Anyway, have a good'un !!!


ACLU calls for tampons in men's rooms


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men's restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against "every person who menstruates."

"While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay," the group said in a statement Tuesday.

"Men’s restrooms are also less likely to have a place to dispose of these products conveniently, privately, and hygienically."

The left-leaning legal group argued that it wasn't a "full or accurate portrayal" to say that women are the only ones who "menstruate, get pregnant, or breast feed ."

Show me a person with a PENIS that menstruates....All I need is one....I know they are saying this because of the women who identify as men, but it is inaccurate to say that women are not the only ones who "menstruate, get pregnant, or breast feed." Sorry, but XX ensures menstruation, not XY.

A feel good thread

Name something you accomplished this year that you are proud of:

(don't be ugly)

I ran two 5k's....

Tis the season

Tornado season, that is.

Watching a mega storm system roll in. The lightning is beautiful, but I’ll be glad when it shoots on out of here. It’s 70 degrees and will be only in the 40’s tomorrow. Lord, I love the south.

Y’all be safe!


Wow...just look what a person can accomplish when he/she decides they are not going to be limited...

Time person of the year.....yawn

Time Person of the Year: Climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg

A much better choice would have been Boyan Slat.

A huge trash-collecting system designed to clean up plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean is finally picking up plastic, its inventor announced Wednesday.

The Netherlands-based nonprofit the Ocean Cleanup says its latest prototype was able to capture and hold debris ranging in size from huge, abandoned fishing gear, known as "ghost nets," to tiny microplastics as small as 1 millimeter.

I posted this in politics because that is all this is....a political SJW nod....Boyan Slat is around 25, I think..While his invention has hit bumps in the road, he is at least doing something instead of lecturing us about how we have ruined his life. People like him will make a difference....


We have a half inch to an inch of snow here in north Alabama. People have lost their ever loving minds...all the schools are delayed...roads are wet, but could be icy tomorrow. It was 60+ degrees yesterday and will be high 40’s tomorrow. We had a thirty degree drop today.

I love winter in the south. Lol

My dog did look at me and say “what the crap is this!!???”

Stay warm and have a good night.
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