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White supremacist leaders thank Donald Trump for dragging their racism into the mainstream

I've thought and argued practically since the towers were taken down, that they were figuratively replaced with the dark twin towers of apathy and ignorance that he has shown a spotlight on a great deal of late. The rise of islamophobia imo, has played a critical role in the way the racists have made inroads from the fringes of society they were largely confined to before 9/11.

Anyway, thanks Donald for showing your true colors, and those of the 65% that support your povs on such matters.

neither are surprising, just sad in this day and age. It does no good to believe in evolution if all you're gonna do is devolve anyway, amiright?

Ranking Member Of Benghazi Select Committee Pushes Back Against Baseless Allegation

but when all the rightwingers have are baseless allegations, they'll keep polishing those turds, no?

I'd like to know what happened to all those other impeachment causing things BHO is responsible for awaiting another resurrection...

Solyndra or the IRS thingy shoulda fried him long ago, no?

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the impeachable, treasonous acts (according to rightwingers) that they have charged him with over the course of his admin?

How many times do you suppose they'll have to be wrong before they see themselves as something other than right? I'm still waiting for those Bush tax cuts to pay for themselves.

But the "smoking gun" email hyped by conservative media outlets doesn't contradict statements made by Panetta. During his 2013 testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Panetta explained that military assets were deployed that night.

Rep. Elijah Cummings denounced the allegations in a December 9 press release that criticized right-wing media's attempt to rehash a "conservative conspiracy theory" by using "bits of information out of context to rehash baseless allegations that have been debunked time and again." The press release includes transcript of Secretary Panetta's 2013 testimony and also includes an unredacted version of the email released by Judicial Watch:

Today, the Select Committee on Benghazi Ranking Member released an email in unredacted form that debunks recent rehashed allegations from conservative news outlets about the Department of Defense's response on the night of the Benghazi attacks.

Conservative commentators have called the redacted email a "smoking gun" and claimed that it "seems to contradict testimony from former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who in 2013 told lawmakers there was no time for an immediate response," and that " were awaiting sign off from the State Department and they never acted."

However, the unredacted email confirms the previous testimony of Defense Department officials to Congress, supports the findings of previous Congressional Committees, and debunks these recent rehashed allegations.

The email in question is released in full here.

A Democratic Spokesman stated:

"This email is yet another example of how conservative conspiracy theorists use bits of information out of context to rehash baseless allegations that have been debunked time and again."

If AGW is a hoax, why

can't flat earthers "prove" it?

Fox Falsely Claims Defense Dept. Email Contradicts Obama Administration's Benghazi Testimony

another rightwing lie busted

Greenpeace exposes sceptics hired to cast doubt on climate science

the evidence that the other side has been similarly bought can be found where outside of the less than fertile or honest flat earther imaginations?

The ONLY successful trickle-down scheme rightwingers have ever engaged in

that I am aware of, is taking place before this country and the world today in the form and product of the t-Rump candidacy. is the finished product the con ideology has long sought as protectors of the aristocracy.

T-Rump is the perfect leader for attaining that goal.

ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 7°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action

it won't be long before flat earthers will have nowhere to hide, not that the shameless will see anything to hide from.

Personally I think there should be a price paid for the kinda criminal stupidity and dishonesty flat earthers have shamelessly put on full display for decades now, which might explain Exxon's effort here as one of the ...

We are probably going on four decades or more behind on the action this AGW situation demands, and all of it can and should be laid at the rightwingers feet.

ANother rightwing terrorist on the loose today?

what will Donald Rumps solution be?

Surely not the same solution he suggested for the foreign terrorists, no?

Trump wants to kill women and children

apparently just so he can give their real or imagined terrorist kin a sad.

I can't imagine anyone exemplifying the modern rightwinger better than he does, can, or will.

He probably even thinks his lefty opponents should respect him too. How stupid is that?
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