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Oh please, Guyzilla....

We did no such thing... very few white people living in this country today have slave holding ancestors. The Irish came here after being starved in their own country by the British landlords, signs abounded...'Irish need not apply" By 1970 Irish Catholics were the most educated and financially successful group of any...Jews were second. Let's not crucify the entire nation for the Jim Crow south. You have bought into the liberal meme that somehow you owe them something, but here's a thought experiment for you. 85% of the slaves brought to this country came from West Africa, look at a map of Africa to see the nations there.. then think of the history of those countries just is the past 50 years. What do you think the survival rate has been there over the past 250 years?

And lets talk about the Jews...their experiences are little different from the blacks and in Germany & it's occupied lands, more recent. They assimilated enough to be very successful while maintaining their own culture and religion. They don't eat pork either and yet have never asked a school to stop serving it.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY...loved Chinatown in NYC...think it's better than the one in San Fran Our Asian kids are our best students. While black kids are given points toward admittance into colleges & universities, Asian kids lose that's fucked up in the land of "all men are created equal."

I live in a very diversified neighborhood, gays, straights, young people and seniors like myself, white, black and Hispanic. The minute the burkas and robes move in the gays will be in their own country. I don't give a rat's ass that it's (supposedly) only a few... I have yet to see a bunch of Muslims beating up another Muslim for being an asshole. Perhaps when they begin to police themselves I'll be happy to welcome them.

I blame Obama for things I percieve

he has made worse or failed to improve. You don't find me blaming him for the economy... or patting him on the back for that matter. Presidents don't have any real influence on the economy. All presidents have to do is stand aside and allow the oligarchs to become richer. That is certainly what Obama has done.

I blame him for his failed policy in the ME, policy I initially supported, but I didn't have his intelligence reports.

I blame him for pandering to the likes of La Raza when we have several million native born Americans without marketable skills, I no longer buy into the argument that the illegal immigrants do jobs Americans won't do. They would do them if it meant the difference between going to bed with a full stomach or an empty one. The truly disabled deserve our bodied slugs don't. And don't tell me I am a racist, the first slugs I ever met were members of my own very white off the government for 50+ years and voting Democratic all the time.

I blame him for the abomination called Obamacare. We need Medicare for all in this country and he threw that away when he still had a Democratic Senate & House. However, I continued to support him through the election of 2012. And then the cracks in the facade of this administration became too wide to ignore. The Executive Orders too numerous to overlook. He laughed at Romney for saying Russia was our enemy...and now Putin makes Obama look like a jackass.

I voted Democratic for decades particularly once the right became holier-than-thou and began trying to make abortions illegal again. I am now more concerned with other issues, and totally over the liberal talking points that are just so much bullshit. I strongly suspect most of them were generated by the same people who protested the war in Vietnam, even leaving the country to avoid the draft.

I believe gay & lesbian couples should be allowed to marry and adopt children. I don't believe their right to do so trumps those of the Christian small business owner who doesn't want to bake the wedding cake. If the couple is treated with courtesy when their business is declined, that should be all that is needed. I am sick and tired of the whining of the assorted grievance groups in this country. I am really tired of hearing about 'triggers' and 'trigger warnings'.

But most of all I am tired of those on the left who think they occupy the moral high ground, they don't. All they have done is figured out a legal way to buy votes...and the hell with who has to pay for them or what other things are allowed to fall by the wayside...think a decrepit infrastructure.

There, I am finished ranting now.

France Strikes Back.
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