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The last time congress had real balls!

Posted by Cave Dweller | Wed Jul 4, 2018, 05:14 PM (0 replies)

Kusan AFB

My son just got orders to Kusan. I was a squid so I have no idea about Korea. Any expert advise?

OK, I think I am missing something about the Health Care bill and the legislative process.

Congress passed a bill and it went to the Senate. The Senate did not like it. Now, the Senate is writing a bill and all the talk is about wether the Senate will be able to pass the bill to get it on the Presidents desk. WTF happened to the congressional bill? How come the Senate can toss the congressional bill but Congress has no input on a Senate bill before it goes to the President.

I always thought that if there were a difference in the legislation, it went to conference committee and either died there or went back to the House and the Senate for final votes before going to the President. I get that the Senate is the upper house and maybe able to propose legislation without congressional input, but what happened to the Congressional bill?


Now hear this, now here this. PO Graham please explain what happened in GA tonight considering you were so sure of the outcome for the past few days.

Deluth Trading

Has anyone by chance purchased any clothing from Duluth Trading?

Quality OK? Does the size that is ordered match what you get?

USS Barack Obama to be renamed USS Trump!

Navy to rename newest planned CVN to USS Trump. According to the Navy, they felt that the ship needed a fighting name and one that the crew would respect.

Posted by Cave Dweller | Fri Feb 3, 2017, 08:43 PM (6 replies)

Cheers to the Kennedy Family

Good ol Joe.

Trump is going to have Obama fly home on Trump 1

That would be so neat. Let Obama see how nice Trumps personal plane is compared to AF1. He could let him know that it is his first effort to decrease government spending. Fly him back on Trumps dime and let him know it.

Which is worse, a Pardon before the election or after?

hmmmmmmm. Could be an interesting footnote in history if she wins AND has to be pardoned by the sitting president before she could take the oath of office.

When Trump Wins, it is going to cost America a boat load of money!

When all the liberals cross the border into Canada. Canada is going to build a wall and charge us for it.

props to a 21 y/o college student that told me this last night.
Posted by Cave Dweller | Sat Jun 4, 2016, 07:23 AM (9 replies)
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