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We at Bozo Haram are dedicated to the violent suppression of clowns.

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Greta Thunberg meets with Justin Trudeau to discuss climate change

SJW Morons like this is what modern liberals have become

Christ, what a buffoon. At least the comments are funny and give me some hope that this stupidity isn't as widespread as I sometimes fear:


Isn't it amazing that he has to wear a bullet-proof vest to speak in public, and yet HE's supposedly the extremist? See also Ayan Hirsi Ali, whom the SPLC have labelled an extremist hate monger, and yet SHE has to live in hiding for her apostasy and criticism of the role of women in Islam, or else she'd be murdered.

I'm of the left myself, if those labels even still apply, and yet many of my fellow leftists seem not to understand what Orwell understood 60 years ago, that the anti-fascists become the new fascists.


I make that 10 full juries just this morning.

I'm going to have to decline until this is fixed.

Migrants complaining about food in European refugee centres

"And this yoghurt sucks too!"

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