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World Cup semifinal halftime score (Spoilers)

5-0 Germany.

No, that is not a typo, Brazil really is playing like a sandlot pickup team.

Miroslav Klose scored to become the all time World Cup scorer.

Should complaining about being alerted on be worthy of being alerted on?

Well, election season is upon us in California, and that means robocalls

Lots and lots and lots of them. As usual, I will employ my personal strategy of not voting for any candidate that employs them, as well as billing the candidates $500 for each violation. While the Federal Do Not Call List, aka That Toothless Joke, exempts political calls, the California Public Utilities Code does not have one, and I intend to prosecute them vigorously.

Curse you, IPL!

I love watching cricket, but can't get up at 3AM to watch the first game of the doubleheaders.

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