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We are in the midst of Hanukkah (or spelling of your choice), so it

seems like a good time to wish people a happy, merry, thoughtful season of whatever religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs they commemorate at this time of year. Enjoy the holy days, the festivities, the traditions. They attempt to teach us to be better people and I hope we receive that from them. Even amid the commercialism, we are thinking of our loved and liked ones rather than ourselves; and that seems good.

Yeah, I know. It seems corny--as do many good things. Anyway, enjoy and bless others, if only with a smile or other act of good will.


Morning Joe calls for Twenty-Fifth Amendment Action.

I haven't watched Morning Joe much since the primary ended. What I recall about that time is that Joe and Mika were in the forefront ot media that gave Trump billions of dollars worth of free air time. They had him on, they let him call in and bloviate as long as he wanted, grinning and drooling over him, as they once had about Christie. They were even criticized for attending social events to which he invited them, including in Florida.

As soon as the nom seemed to be Trump's numerically, they pivoted to tearing him down. (That is, of course, my own observation. A friend on another board claimed the media pivoted once Romney spoke out against Trump, However, there was agreement as to everything but the event that immediately preceded of the pivot.)

With that background in mind, I happened to catch a snippet of Morning Joe. Mika, now Joe's fiancee, reported that Trump had call Joe a murderer. (I assume this to have been a reference to the events that resulted in the nickname, "Dead Intern Joe.") After some talk show jabber, Joe launched into one of his tirades. He said repeatedly that America was in danger because Trump was insane. He called upon House Republicans whom he "used to" respect, like Ryan, to do their duty and invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment, opining that a few points of corporate tax breaks were not worth endangering America.

Others in media whom I have heard bandying the Twenty-Fifth Amendment about have claimed that Trump has always been crazy. However, Joe claims that Trump has dementia (or Alzheimer's--Joe was not specific as to why he believes Trump is losing it.). AFAIK, no one claiming either insanity or loss of faculties typically associated with aging had an advanced degree in medicine or psychology.

Although various Presidents have been at least physically unable to perform their duties at times, AFAIK, the Twenty-Fifth was used only once, to replace Vice President Spiro Agnew (whereupon late President Ford became Nixon's Vice President; and the rest is hissedstory).

For the one or two posters who share their expertise about US politics day after day without ever having read the U.S. Constitution, the full text of the Twenty-Fifth appears here:

And that, boys and girls, wraps up this report on today's Morning Joe. Don't kill the messenger. Or do. (Sticks and stones, etc.) Gotta go for a while, though, so you'll have to do it in absentia.

Neoliberals keep throwing victims of sexual assault under the bus

I just listened to Jonathan Alter on MSNBC carefully--all too carefully--distinguish between Franken's groping a sleeping adult woman (and other adult women) from Moore's actions with a fourteen year-old who had allegedly consented. Even though Alter did concede that what Franken did was "bad," Alter's clear implication was that what Franken did is was not as bad as what Moore is alleged to have done. Alter should be ashamed of himself..

Females either consent under the law or they don't. Neither the sleeping adult nor the child was legally able to consent. Sexual assault is sexual assault. Yes, the adult is presumably better able to handle it emotionally, but sexual assault is still sexual assault. Of course, the victim's age is a factor, but not an excuse or even a partial excuse. Sexual harassment is also sexual harassment. Slicing and dicing types of sexual assaults in an attempt to put a neoliberal above a Republican is deeply offensive.

IMO, Alter should apologize publicly for asshattery and the host of the show should apologize for not taking issue with Alter's bs parsing. Every person is entitled to his or her personal space, especially when it comes to intimacy of any kind.

Although no posters here agree with me on many things,

I hope all of us will have a filling meal tomorrow and every day and find many things for which to be grateful. For just one example, if you are reading this post, someone taught you how to read and that is something/someone for which/whom to be grateful. (If you taught yourself, your amazing innate abilities are things for which to be grateful.)

Gratitude is my mind-altering medication of choice. For me, finding something about a bad experience for which to be grateful is almost unimaginably healing as to that experience. I hope you find something that works that well for you.

Worldwide survey by Mozilla about being "connected:"

Reply if you wish, of course, but I can't "parent" this thread today. I simply thought some might enjoy seeing this.
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