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Storm Will Push Temps Near Freezing @ North Pole By Thursday

Arctic sea ice is already sitting at a record low for this time of year and a powerful North Atlantic storm is expected to open the flood gates and send more warmth pouring into the region from the lower latitudes. By Thursday, it could reach up to 50°F above normal. In absolute temperature, that’s near the freezing point and could further spur a decline in sea ice.

For the global warming deniers out there.

It's november 22nd and we are putting up our Christmas lights wearing short sleeve tee shirts. Kinda rare for central Ohio. Okay back to work for me. And back to your regularly scheduled denial.

Question for the voting rights folks.

If there were no voter Id laws, none, just the indelible ink mark. Could you fathom forgoing your local vote and traveling to your best friends or family members house and voting there in favor of their cause or candidate? Can you fathom that others might adopt this tactic?

How could you prevent this? How does one prove residency for free? How much expense is warranted to verify ones residence, and how does that get paid for?

I'm just trying to figure out how your regulations would be better.

I think I found the one thing we all agree on!

We seem to hate spam. Every "spam post" jury I have served on seems to go 7-0 in favor of a hide.

Speaking of, whatever happened to chaperones?

How long until I can expect the breathalyzer posting app?

Getting out more!

One of our posters recommended I get out more. So I thought I would post a few pictures of my encounters with the human race.

It's a really crappy job, but someone has to do it.

I encountered these gals living it up, I'm pretty sure their behavior IS NOT Hof aproved, they need some PhDD intervention stat. Is that a tat on her tongue or just the lighting? Hmmmmmmm......

And the strangest, most really weird thing happened. The guy on the bike didn't get arrested, harassed or anything. Cops were definitely slacking...... (That is suposed to be humor, for the humor impaired)

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