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Sleepy pedo aint all there.

On MSFox, sleepy pedo just gaffed, as usual.
He mixed up his wife and his sister. Lol.
He’s slurring his words.
He forgot his lines talking about the 11 million illegal criminal aliens. Had to move on. Just couldn’t remember.

His mind is gone. It’s kind of sad.
Is this really the best the dims have?

Comedy f’in Gold.

Will the lib fake news now give back the useless Pulitzer Prizes they give out to each other?

The fake news NYT has 57 billion Pulitzer Prize awards, I’m told by proud libs.
Big deal. Means nothing.
Obviously a useless, meaningless award that lib fake news orgs pass out to each other like candy on Halloween.
Now proven.

Hannity is on fire.

Pointing out the constant stream of lies from the typical lib fake news media.
All of them.
CNN. MSNBC. CBS. NBC. ABC. NPR. WaPo. NYT. Etc. etc.
Anyone that believes anything any of these fake news orgs report is an idiot.
All lies. All made up hate fake news.
Again. Idiots.
Alert away idiots.

Fox News just interviewed a black guy protesting at the white murderers house.

The black guy said that if two white dead bodies were found at a black guys house, the black guy would be in jail awaiting his hearing.

I wonder why the typical lib fake news media can never find these citizens to report on.
Or do the lib fake news media cover up and spike these stories because it makes their side look bad.

I guess black lives really don’t matter to the lib fake news media.

So typical.

I'm back in

Hello All,

I finally made it back in. I've been trying for 2 days now with no success in getting a new password.

Last night I tried requesting the new password from the new e-mail address and this morning I had success. Perhaps that was the problem - I was requesting a password from my old e-mail address.

There may be others still stuck in limbo, so I thought I'd report my experience.

Anyway, it's good to be back on board.


Well, it would appear that MSFox has reverted back to its

left wing slant actively campaigning for the hag again.

So much for fair and balanced. That now makes 100% of the TV media actively backing the hag for president.

They see Trump pulling ahead and just could no longer pretend to mask their bias for the lib candidate.

All News TV, all newspapers, most of radio, most of the fake GOP career politicians, all campaigning for the hag. Truly a sad reality. Oh well, I guess there's still 2 or 3 radio stations that aren't completely biased.

TV news and newspapers have absolutely zero credibility.

How many times will we hear the new hard left lib media bogey word "dark" tonight?

I'm guessing 4 to 6. The count is currently 1.

News reports up to a foot of global warming blankets Sierra Nevada causing

global warming white out conditions. When will the deniers wake up to this fact?

Here's an issue certain to arise with a minimum wage hike.

The minimum wage increases from $8.50 to $15 per hour. This equals $6.50, or 43% increase.

A worker that started a month age making $8.50 now makes $15 per hour.

A worker that started 5 years ago at $7 busted their butt for 5 years to increase their pay to $13 per hour.

Does their pay go to $15 the same as the one month employee, or should they be raised to $19.50, or using the percentage increase, go to $18.59.

What about the employee making $15 after working for 5 years. Does he stay at $15 like the one month employee or does he raise to $21.50.

What about the manager making $40 per hour. Does he stay at $40 or go to $46.50, or go to $57.20 using the percentage.

Or do owners simply fire all full time employees and hire all part timers.

I'll guarantee you business owners are asking these questions.

I've noticed this election cycle, as the country gets closer

and closer to saying President Trump, that it is all liberal democrats attempting to deny republicans their 1st amendment right at republican rallies, and never the other way around.
We don't see republicans storm-trooping democratic rallies.
I wonder why that is. Hmmmm.
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