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The best and most enjoyable to behold results from the debate last night.

The hard left lib media got their butts handed to them on a silver platter by the adults on stage.

All of the hard left lib commentators were absolutely shocked that these RWNJ's would dare to call them on their hard left lib biased questioning.

The hard left lib commentators laughing with each other about their nasty questions, and patting each other on the back for their "gotcha" questions blew up in their idiotic faces.

Everyone, including the rest of the left lib media, is laughing at them today, and for days to come.

All of the con candidates came off looking like adults while the CNBC lib commentators came off looking like fools.

And lastly, all of their "oh so smart lap dog followers" making silly excuses today for hard left lib CNBC's rediculous folly in attempting to sound smart and ending up just the opposite.

Priceless. Simply priceless.

The CNBC hard left lib commentators are showing their

unbridled hard left wing bias and are getting their asses handed back to them. They think they're so smart and I'm laughing at their ignorance. What a joke that "news?" Station is. What a joke. Unbelievable bias.

Certain lives matter. Others, not so much.

DWS in front row. Was that 2 insane asylum workers on each side of her? I hope so.

Take all the guns away. Bernie is the sensible one? I'm going to have to

rewind this and view it again.

I know it's early, but all I've heard so far is

take from those that choose to work and give it to those that choose not to work.
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