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News reports up to a foot of global warming blankets Sierra Nevada causing

global warming white out conditions. When will the deniers wake up to this fact?

Here's an issue certain to arise with a minimum wage hike.

The minimum wage increases from $8.50 to $15 per hour. This equals $6.50, or 43% increase.

A worker that started a month age making $8.50 now makes $15 per hour.

A worker that started 5 years ago at $7 busted their butt for 5 years to increase their pay to $13 per hour.

Does their pay go to $15 the same as the one month employee, or should they be raised to $19.50, or using the percentage increase, go to $18.59.

What about the employee making $15 after working for 5 years. Does he stay at $15 like the one month employee or does he raise to $21.50.

What about the manager making $40 per hour. Does he stay at $40 or go to $46.50, or go to $57.20 using the percentage.

Or do owners simply fire all full time employees and hire all part timers.

I'll guarantee you business owners are asking these questions.
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