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Will the lib fake news now give back the useless Pulitzer Prizes they give out to each other?

The fake news NYT has 57 billion Pulitzer Prize awards, I’m told by proud libs.
Big deal. Means nothing.
Obviously a useless, meaningless award that lib fake news orgs pass out to each other like candy on Halloween.
Now proven.

Hannity is on fire.

Pointing out the constant stream of lies from the typical lib fake news media.
All of them.
CNN. MSNBC. CBS. NBC. ABC. NPR. WaPo. NYT. Etc. etc.
Anyone that believes anything any of these fake news orgs report is an idiot.
All lies. All made up hate fake news.
Again. Idiots.
Alert away idiots.

Fox News just interviewed a black guy protesting at the white murderers house.

The black guy said that if two white dead bodies were found at a black guys house, the black guy would be in jail awaiting his hearing.

I wonder why the typical lib fake news media can never find these citizens to report on.
Or do the lib fake news media cover up and spike these stories because it makes their side look bad.

I guess black lives really don’t matter to the lib fake news media.

So typical.
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