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When did it start happening, and when will it stop?

No, I don't mean Republican vs Democrat stuff. I'm talking about when the people in this country turned into a bunch of wimps and pussies. We used to pride ourselves on being exactly NOT that.

Here's where we are now:

1. Scared of refugees because there is a 1 in a zillion chance a bad guy will sneak in and hurt or kill a few people. Seriously, are there really people that live here that are so scared of terrorists, that they change their lives because of it?

2. We take our shoes off when we go through airport security because one guy tried to smuggle a "bomb" in his shoe. Now we're scared, so we put up with it.

3. Parents are scared to let their kids go out on their own because they think there are predators all over, waiting to kidnap them. There aren't. Things are the same as they always were. When I was a kid, we went out in the morning, came back at scary white vans.

4. Monkey bars, Dodgeball....forget it. We are scared a kid might get a bruise or something. Or even more horrible....a kid's self-esteem might take a ding. (gasp)

I guess my question is: When, and why did we start getting so scared of everything/anything?

As of today (11-6-2016), who do you think will win the Presidential election?

This poll has nothing to do with who any of us support. It's more a test of our collective prognostication skills.

When the votes are counted, who do you think will have the most Electoral votes? A guess at a 269-269 tie should go under 'other'.

As of today (10-13-2016), who do you think will win the Presidential election?

As of today (8-12-2016) Who do you you think will win the Presidential election?

DISCLAIMER: The votes cast in this poll only represent the individual respondent's expected outcomes of the final results of the Presidential election. In no way, should anyone's vote be construed as an endorsement for any particular candidate.

Trump's 2cnd amendment remark gives Paul Ryan a great cover to unendorse Trump.

I bet he does. Maybe even tonight.

As of today (8-5-2016) Who do you you think will win the Presidential election.

A lot can change in three months, but let's go on record about what we think will happen now.

Et tu, Christie?

I think Christie is finally starting to realize the he backed the wrong horse.

Why do we have separate public bathrooms for males and females?

I'm not asking this question to make some sort of political point one way or the other. I'm asking why we do it.

Is it because of safety? modesty? Men's rooms have stalls and urinals. I'm guessing women's bathrooms only have stalls. So, guys should have privacy to shit, but not to pee? We all shit, and piss, right?

Do we have them separate because those close quarters would make it easier for would-be sexual assailants?

I guess what I'm asking is, Why are public bathrooms the way they are now? Why are they separate to begin with?

LOL. Check out nt

This Bundy....

...once scored four touchdowns in a single game for Polk High.

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