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That would be a great score if I were speaking of say, gymnastics at the Olympics.

But no, that's Trumps current Now-cast odds of winning on 538.

Yet there are still posters claiming Trump's got this. He's winning.

How do we believe you have an ability to live in reality on any issue, when you can't accept the upcoming inevitable?

As Bill Clinton once said, "I feel your pain" - I so wanted Bush (HW) to lose after 8 years of Reagan. But at this point in that race - It was obvious and I accepted that Dukakis was going to lose.

Guys (and gals) - I suggest you start coming to terms with this now or November 8th (and 9th for that matter) are really going to suck for you.



That's Nat Silver's current Now-cast shot of Trump winning the White House. I just spotted that and a few random thoughts came to mind -


So seems to me that it's time for cons to stop believing that he can turn this thing around. There's 4:30 left on the clock but your team is down my 28 - best to hit the parking lot before the mad rush back to the highway.

Especially when Trump's counter to the release of the Pussy Tape seems to be to blame Hillary for Bill's indiscretions.

Yep, that'll turn it all around. And the Republicans used to call themselves the party of personal responsibility. Yeah.


Oh, and none of you are going to turn it around by saying it's faux-outrage because Trump said pussy rather than acknowledging it's not that he said the word, but what he said about pussy.

I've seen that angle more than a few times today.


I'm no fan of Hillary. But I've never been a fan of the Right's bat shit crazy Hillary hate either, so I have to admit ... I'm enjoying the meltdown. And I'm really going to enjoy how Trump's reaction to it all blows up in his spray tanned face - the guy is trying to get out of a hole by digging deeper.

12.6 --- coming soon 6.12

Why would conservatives say that moderators should not fact check at debates ?

Because "Facts Are A Very Subjective Thing"

I heard a prominent Conservative say so this morning on the TV machine.

Unbelievable, a step beyond the famous conservative bubble.

Now the rest of us aren't supposed to call out those who base their opinions on "facts" that aren't based in reality. Because "Facts Are A Very Subjective Thing."

I'll be out for the next couple of hours. I look forward to seeing conservatives defend their "but reality doesn't matter" view when I return this afternoon.

Yep, it's one of those "Let me get this straight" OPs

Let me get this straight ...

Cons say that Hillary killed Vince Foster and perhaps like 50 more people.

Cons say Hillary "MURDERED" those who died at Benghazi.

Cons claim all sorts of shit about the status of her health when their medical training consists of "I watched Grey's Anatomy with the wife once and I've got WEB MD."

Cons scream "Lock her up!" at Trump rallies, someone made a fortune selling "Hillary for Prison" fact there is a small economy built around Hillary hate.

But Now -----
Cons are furious that Hillary referred to Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables."

What a bunch of delicate hot house flowers you are. What she said about you sounds polite in comparison to the raw, white hot, liquid rage filled, pure uncut HATE the right has for her.

I'm finding this hilarious.

Let me get this straight, you call a woman Cankles but think she's insulted you by returning fire with "basket of deplorables?"

Oh - and fuck Hillary. I've been saying for a long time she needs to start talking like she's less than 100 years old. Basket of fucking deplorables ? What, did Bill die and she got re-married to Monty Burns?

Trump Accidentally Fires Off ‘Boring Mike Pence’ Tweet During VP Speech Before He Can Stop Himself

OK, that didn't really happen - but it's the funniest thing I've seen The Onion do in a long time.

And I hope it gives birth to all calling the Republican's stellar VP selection "Boring Mike Pence."

Stop the fussin' and a feudin' for just a moment -

A plea for momentary unity :

Left - Right - Hillary - Trump - or hangin' in there for Bernie -- We're all a lot more alike than most Americans are like us. Because we follow this shit. Because, differences of opinion be damned - we give a rat's ass.

The vast majority of the country just doesn't care. Political news may as well be live coverage of a cricket match in Mumbai.

So - before we're in full general election mode (and all have to hate each other even more) - please take the opportunity to join me in saying, fuck you rest of America. This politics shit matters more than your fucking Candy Crush game. This shit matters more than your Big Bang Theory, People Magazine and yes even the NFL. Pay attention you dim-witted jack-wads.

You're the reason we get to chose between the one on the left side of the picture and the one on the center left side of the picture ! Assholes !

And I'm sure the NRA would defend these dogs !

But they probably wouldn't defend the damned cat!

wtf ?

And the guy that did this to his house thinks he's quailifried to be the President of the United States of America ?

Question for the gearheads ?

Just curious as to whether I'm alone in this opinion be you a gearhead - or just a lover of classic cars? (I'm merely the later).

Am I the only one starting to get pissed off seeing all these garage-type TV shows taking perfectly fine, straight off the line, in great shape pre-1970 autos to full-on custom?

Maybe I'm too much of a purist but I just saw another such show on the TV machine and winced. I literally saw the first 12 seconds of the show, which started with "Up next we'll take a right off the farm '55 Ford pick-up and give it our touches!" They flashed a before picture and the damn thing was mint. Now they're going to whore it up with purple metallic flake, bass cabinets in the bed and a fuckin' unicorn on the hood and I'm supposed to think that's a good thing?

One of these days this is going to be looked back on the way it's now looked at when some idiot refinishes a colonial era chest of drawers.

Or am I just being a classic car curmudgeon ?

Do note - with rare exception this doesn't make me flinch on anything post early 70s. And when someone goes custom using say 3 different parts cars, then hey whatever.

at the risk of being too "Meta"

Thanks for the hide gunners - I wear this one with pride !

By alerting and hiding you very much proved my point.

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