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Trump just ratified the illegal Russian annexation of the Crimea.

In remarks regarding the ongoing crisis between the Ukraine and Russia, Donnie called for all Ukrainian sailors to be removed from Russia and returned home.
The problem is, the captives aren't IN Russia, they're in Crimea. And no American diplomat, spokesperson, Senator, congressman, or fucking dogcatcher has EVER accepted the Russian claim of Crimea as belonging to them.

Until now.

(Righty to pretend that this was not a huge diplomatic fuck-up in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...)

To the nearest nanosecond, how long will it take our friends on the right ...

to forget (or at least pretend to forget) Trump's boastful bullshit about having the ability to single-handedly save American manufacturing jobs (including specifically, as I recall, the Lordstown plant in Youngstown, Ohio)?

Congratulations to the men and women of NASA.

Insight has safely touched down on the face of Mars, and an uplink has been established.

RBG is back to work.

And now that she knows that the new guy sometimes gets drunk and passes out in the hall, she'll be careful not to trip over him again.

Do you believe President Obama when he states that the air strikes ...

were launched partially due to the fact that the Khorasan Group was nearing the execution phase of an operation against US interests abroad, as well as against targets in this country?

Russia claims Scottish Independence referendum was flawed.

You can't make this shit up! However, to be fair I can see where the Russians might be confused by any electoral process that didn't wind up with a 97% majority for one side.
Perhaps the Scots should have let Pootie count the votes.

According to the tenets of Islam, it's the WOMEN who are ...

supposed to cover their faces. So why is it that the alleged warriors of ISIS and ISIL are so often photographed with bandanas hiding their features?
Those murderous chicken-shit bastards appear to be Hell on wheels when it comes to executing unarmed civilians, but apparently when they find themselves anywhere near actual conflict, they suddenly become quite … modest.

FoxNews equates NFL domestic violence with … wait for it ...

There has GOT to be a point when Fox is no longer viewed as a legitimate news source. Not for the true believers, but certainly for the sentient beings among us.

FoxNews is confused.

Except I would maintain that they are not confused. They went to court to defend their right to lie to their viewers. Why would they not then knowingly exercise that right?

Confusion has nothing to do with it.

Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan walk into a bar and grill.

The proprietor serves them denatured alcohol and salmonella-ridden chicken, because his establishment is completely unregulated.
All three of them die horribly painful deaths.

(slightly altered cross-post from DU)

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