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Military response to Gillette Shaving FLAILEX

For those unfamiliar with it, Duffel Blog is satire...

A Joyous Yule and Solstice to all

Thank Freya its Friday

Thought for the day

It must the Turkey Week...the idiot campers and riders are back

We have just chased the third group of illegal campers/riders off the properties we own/control. We have several adjoining and one across the road now. They are all properly posted and signed. We are not the only people in the area with this issue. I am home all this week burning leave. I imagine this will be a daily drill for me.

- I don’t care you are setup
- I don’t care that your husband/family is out riding, they are doing it illegally
- I don’t care that you are on vacation.
- No, I will not let you move in the AM.
- I don’t care that we are armed scares you.
- This is my property and I can record you.
- I can call the sheriff faster that you can and they will come when I do.
- There is a zero tolerance policy for illegal riding or equipment and the county could use the extra revenue.
- Do this on the reservation and the fines are higher and your equipment is confiscated until you pay up.

There are campgrounds and designated riding areas, but they cost a few dollars. That you don’t want to go there is not my problem. You being on my property is my problem. Now get the hell off my lawn!!!

Article: The Top Four Reasons California is Unsustainable

For those who think Gov Brown has done such an excellent job...

Navy range video

Forwarded to me, thought I would share.


Death by analyst...and everybody claiming they won

As I write this, it came out about as expected. Republican Senate, Democrat House. Somehow I don't think it will change much by the time I wake up in the AM.

Be interesting who ends up as Speaker
Posted by His Daughter | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 01:23 AM (9 replies)

Horrific situation in Canada

Alcohol vs Marijuana

Recently I was supporting a local work related evening event for my hubby. EMS was present as required. Part way through, a someone came and got me, saying I was needed in the parking lot. Looked to have been a fight with broken beer bottles or equivalent. He got a long ride to the nearest hospital. I called the hospital while they were enroute. They called me back later to say he was admitted with unlying damage I had suspected and knew I could not repair locally.

I am not a big fan of MJ legalization. We don’t have adequate quantitative tests for intoxication, most of the stuff sold, even in California, has bad residue on it, etc. However, I have never seen someone under the influence of THC, and I have seen many, go after someone with a weapon.

Though I am fond of a nice Merlot or even a Stout when I am offline, there are times I think we should switch what is legal and what is illegal. That is certainly not practical, but sometimes I just wonder…
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