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My family is coming to visit

My sister got furloughed on Friday. Her facility has shutdown. Her husband’s clinic was closed last week. They are headed west for the time being. It will be fun. Finally, I will be able to teach my niece and nephew to shoot and ride ATVs. Hubby wants to teach them to ride horses and he as even located a youth saddle. I just hope we don’t have an third horse by the time they head home. They are bringing both of their cars, their RV trailer, and an enclosed trailer. They are clearing their house of valuables, guns, and food. Should take them 4 days if they push hard. Figuring on a ten day quarantine when they get here. I will need to get the house ready. We only have one bed (ours). Internet will help with mattresses, but I am not going to Ikea at this point for dressers. We could use additional furniture, though some was here when we moved in.

I sent her a list of what to shop for in route. We won’t have a problem with meat and canned staples, but fresh fruit, breads, and vegetables are a bit of an issue. Still can’t get tortillas, many paper goods, or baking supplies. Hoping she can get a couple of big boxes of c-fold towels. Work great, easier and cheaper than paper towel rolls. I am mail ordering linens, which are readily available. We are seriously excited.

Music that takes me back to my youth

From the IDF. Easy listening in Hebrew. Takes me back to my early teens
Posted by His Daughter | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 10:35 AM (1 replies)

New Mexico's governor warns tribal nations could be 'wiped out' by coronavirus

While my little corner of the world is doing OK, other parts of the Navajo nation is being hit hard.

Does anyone know how to turn off the CERT OUT OF DATE warning

Its on every single page I open.

Our patient was negative

Releasing people from quarantine and other good things. Nobody else got sick either.

All scheduled staff showed up today. Hearing that is not true at all facilities. Some medical people, especially those in high risk categories, are having to make hard decisions. We have a couple. They are with me on the reserve team for that reason.

I worked call in for the weekend. No potential COVID-19 patients. One serious asthma attack, a couple of cuts that needed sutures and a car accident. Fairly typical. We worked it in masks, but not suits. Changed out of scrubs at the office before coming home.

The lockdown is helping. Not even seeing the flu patients we normally would be. Keep it up everybody.

Fuck Pelosi and Schumer for stopping the stimulus bill. That money would go a long way here with the people.

Couple of interesting articles for people in small towns like us

We had our first bozos by the house today

Two trucks, one pulling a 5th wheel, the other with a UTV and a couple of ATVs on a trailer. They tried to pull into the area near our house which has been blocked off for some time now. We went out to talk to them. They were a bit taken back by the sidearms, but we also had our badges. They had kids with them said they were planning to camp and ride. We turned them away saying the land was posted. They asked about facilities elsewhere. I said they were all closed, and there were probably no restaurants or grocery stores until New Mexico. They were surprised and one of the adults was upset their vacation was ruined. They said they would go to town to since they needed fuel and to see if they could find anything. We suggested they head back to California.

We were friendly, at an extended distance. It was not like we told them to get out of town before sundown. However, this is not the time to doing recreational travel, extended spring vacation or not.

Guns and a Virus

All sorts of things happening on the gun front these days.

1) Multiple jurisdictions included the authority to suspend gun and ammunition sales in their emergency declarations
2) Guns and ammo have been flying off the shelves everywhere. NICS requests up 300% from a year ago.
3) Front Sight (Major firearms training facility in Pahrump, Nevada) was shutdown as a non-essential business

Surprising how many of those who were anti gun are queueing up to buy them now. Most (as in 80%) of the sales are to new owners. No surprise with the increasing number of stories about violence over food and supplies. Not seeing an increase in training requests, which concerns me. Same with sales of safes or other security devices. That may be an issue later.

Hubby and I live out in the middle of nowhere. We can call for help, but it might be awhile getting to us. We have taken than into consideration. It has been suggested that we move on to the reservation or into town for a while. Not quite ready to do that. Anyone raiding here will be in for a very rude awakening.

Colion Noir has a good video out on this...&t=0s
A couple of many killer quotes:
- "we prefer to be called ammosexuals"
- "The people panic buying now are first time buyers and anti gun hypocrites"

Rumors of national quarantine/martial law

I have been hearing all sorts of rumors that a national quarantine backed up by martial law is imminent. Read all sorts of scenarios and configurations. If there is, I don’t know a damned thing about it.

In theory I could be recalled to my reserve unit. I have checked in. They were glad to hear from me, but I have nothing to fear on that front. I am a member of the tribal police, as I was part of the Sheriff's Dept back in California. Nothing on that channel either. If there is something coming, it is being really closely held…at a level I do not believe possible. This does not mean that localities, even states are not going to do that at some point, but nothing I can see on a national or state level where I am.

If you think about it, there are too many people necessary to keep this nation fed and warm to have everybody stay in place. Food chain is too short in this country. Same with fuel and energy. Some workers, including healthcare and infrastructure still need to travel to and from work. We all need to eat too. I cannot see a total shutdown being viable.

That does not mean just about everything won’t be closed down, but it cannot be total unless the intent is to have us freeze and starve in the dark. I don’t think that is about to happen. I could also be dead wrong.

Its here!

Just had a report from the clinic that a patient walked in and is most likely going to test positive. Glad it did not happen while I was there over the weekend. More on this as it develops.
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