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Helped teach an NRA class this weekend.

First one since we left California. NRA training is not the be all/end all of firearms training, but it is an excellent place to start. I was able to make a lot of California jokes about politicians with small magazines.

We did a variant of the Tueller Drill for the students with me as the shooter. Eye opening for those who are not aware of just how fast a human can accelerate and run.

Hubby and I got our go bags ready tonight

We are both recently retired. Retired service members are subject to recall. We have not been out long, are still fit, and still quite good at what we did in uniform. We don't expect it, but still got ready, just in case. Cars are fueled, transportation and comms plans in place. Our take is that I am much more likely to be recalled than he is.

Not fear mongering here, but this is a BFD. Russia will do something. They cannot allow the US/UK/France to do something like this against all their warnings without some penalty. I imagine the Chinese are enjoying this.

Unlike what the Russian government and some posters here would have you believe, for all three governments to have rolled in together, the evidence must have been damning. I tend to doubt Russia knew it was coming and is therefore angry with the Syrians. Perhaps even Assad did not know, its hard to tell.

Not saying it is the end of times or any of that dreck. However, might be a good idea to think of it as a big storm warning and stock up on water, TP, and some non-refrigerated food if you do not have a small stockpile already. We brought our with us. Problem is the well is not rigged for solar. That is tomorrow's project. Have the supplies, just need to get it rigged, even if it is temporary.

New low for the UN Security Council as Russia takes Syrian human rights off the table

Just Russian being Soviets...
There is nothing controversial about saying the UN Security Council has failed Syria.

Diplomats have openly admitted it, journalists have written about it, human rights organizations have declared it - several times over in the past seven years. But what happened this week was deplorable and unacceptable, even by the very low standards we now have for the Council when it comes to Syria.

On Monday, the 15 member states of the Security Council gathered to hear a briefing on the human rights situation in Syria by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad al- Hussein. But before he could start, Russia used its prerogative to call for a procedural vote on the agenda - effectively to stop the UN’s own human rights chief from telling the Council about the situation on the ground.

Russia claimed discussions on human rights are not pertinent to the Security Council’s agenda. Or in other words, the body charged with maintaining international peace and security is not a forum to discuss human rights violations taking place.
Posted by His Daughter | Sun Apr 8, 2018, 11:57 AM (3 replies)

It is now snake season

I knew intellectually that they were here too, but I had hoped not to see one again. Lost that bet this evening.

Time to start carrying at home again.
Posted by His Daughter | Mon Apr 2, 2018, 10:02 PM (4 replies)

About the new head of the VA

I know the man. He is a good guy, very smart and very competent

I would not work for the VA at any level. It would be too draining. I gave up a lot of my soul already to the Army. Not sure how much of it I have left. However, there is a serious tug for all of us who have served to help our fellow vet. Taking bets what is why he agreed to take it. It would be crazy to do it for any other reason.

The VA has broken a lot of good people. Us docs are pretty smart, but not always smart in the right ways for that kind of job. Also don't blame him for Trump appointing him. It will actually cost him money in the long run. Instead thank him for caring to take on the worst job in the government and for wanting to make things better for veterans in the long run.

Not sure I could or would do it. Let's give him a chance to see what he can do.

Parkland HS is now going to require visible student IDs and clear backpacks

I am sure that will make everything better.

Gun buying mania is bad right now

You cannot get ANYTHING semi automatic with any kind of reasonable delivery time or commitment. Being unable to get what I originally intended for my husband, I went with a mixed combo. A Henry All Weather Big Boy and a matching Ruger revolver in .44 Magnum. He is a cowboy in his soul so it suits him. There is enough room in the house safe for them. I just gave them to him. He is a happy man...

I already know what I am going to get him

Posted by His Daughter | Fri Mar 2, 2018, 12:32 PM (9 replies)

Barking at whites

In the movie Black Panther, white people who speak out of turn get barked at. There have been suggestions that it should be done in real life…which I saw today for the first time.

Outside of the mall theater a black teenager walked up to what looked like a younger tall middle eastern man who was with a black woman and started barking at him. The man turned to him. Long dark curly hair and a beard a Viking would be proud of. At that point I thought more Balkan, maybe Turkish. He stepped next to the barking person, who stopped and looked up. The man threw back his head and roared like a wild beast. His hand coming slightly forward in claws. The black teenager stepped back, shocked. The man looked at him and said in a loud voice reminiscent of a Shakespearean actor or Richard Burton “The bear is not concerned with the yapping of puppies.” Dead silence. The teenager slunk away. As we walked away I commented to hubby about how that well played that was. He smiled and asked me if I noticed anything unusual. When I said no, hubby pointed out that the “bear” had a USMC tattoo. Damn devil dogs are everywhere.

Hubby and I have never been approached about being a mixed race couple. It is a big issue with some in the African-American community. Then again, I look sort of mixed race as does he. Thinking that may have been the cause of this. The Marine was not talking to anyone but the lady with him until the teenager made an ass of himself. Still it was seriously funny to watch.

From there it was back to shopping. The new job starts soon and its not a surgical scrubs kind of place. Hubby is tolerant as long as I feed him on these trips.

We went to see Black Panther

I should point out up front that I am not into the superhero genre. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, all the various bug people have no real interest from me or hubby.

This movie is very clear in its political overtones. Some have criticized it for not being even more so from the GLBT side of things. The CGI is good, but not Oscar worthy. The styling are themed and good. The hair and costuming was tribal and striking. Plot is superhero kind of stuff. At times the race side got so heavy that the specter of blaxploitation films came to mind. Know that is coming and it should not bother you. All said and done, decent escapist fare even if it did not send me. Worth seeing, but not standing in line for.
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