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This place has become a sewer full of right wing vermin who have hijacked the jury system and ran most Democrats out. Too bad the administrators have allowed this to happen.

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CNBC: FBI:Russia is trying to undermine election but thought it was too close to election to say so.

"FBI Director James Comey argued privately that it was too close to Election Day for the United States government to name Russia as meddling in the U.S. election and ultimately ensured that the FBI's name was not on the document that the U.S. government put out, a former FBI official tells CNBC."

What the heck is going on here?

So just how is this Comey thing so damning to Clinton anyway?

It sounds like Huma, a top aid to Clinton, used her husband's computer to email her boss at some point in time. Her husband's computer is then seized later on by NYPD as part of an investigation into him and record of Huma's old emails to Clinton are noticed.

How is this some "devastating blow" to Clinton, aside from the speculation of the usual tinfoil hat, Clinton hater crowd?

Clinton is even asking for the email to be made public.

Nah it's all Slick Willy's fault

Hail Trump

Didn't conservative hero Rush Limbaugh come up with the cigar story?

I wonder if he came up with that while his maid was scoring him street drugs for his habit or when he was caught with illegal Viagra in his luggage while coming back from the Dominican Republic?

Or maybe it was Newt Gingrich that came up with it while he was telling his sick wife in her hospital bed that he had been screwing another woman and was dumping her?

Yeah so it's another voter drive

What's your point?

Chick fil Hate and the taco trucks can have all the voter drives they like. I never said they shouldn't. Reading comprehension of my post might have helped you out in your dilemma.

As for it being odd that a fast food company would be having a voter registration drive, I do believe that Chick fil Hate is a corporation.
Are the taco trucks part of a corporation? Are they franchises? Or are they independent?

Amazing what a person can learn when they don't distort things huh?
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