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MSNBC's gun poll of 800,000 people did not turn our as desired.

The poll speaks for itself, no it screams for itself.

Has anyone else seen anything about the US bombing a terrorist location within Iraq?

I saw the original story which indicated that it was in response to their attacks that killed an American which caused Trump to cancel the meeting at camp david. Then all went quiet about it.

As I recall is was an island in some river inside of Iraq that contained some of the Syrian terrorists.

Then it all went away with no follow up stories.

I believe in the analysis and the predictions.

There will be revenge if all of this is not stopped now, by both parties.

All involved in the attempted coup need to be charged.

This is a short interview with a man who knows the system.

Please bear with me on the ad, I don't know how to leave it out.

Booker exposed as the scammer, thief and liar he is.

Just a run down of Booker's history of corruption.

Not too long of a read but well worth it.

Can we all say "typical democrat"?

Over two thirds of the mass killers in 2019 were blacks whom Obama claimed as democrats.

Here it is in undeniable pictures. Take a look democrats, less than 15% of our population is responsible for 66% of our mass murders. This 66% are claimed by Obama and Holder as members of the democrat party.

He is anti right and left, pro universal medicine and income, and is a climate change fanatic.

He only mentions "white supremacists" in the context that he will probably be wrongly labeled as one, and clearly states that his positions a beliefs predate Trumps Presidency.

So, when you actually read what the man thought, what he liked and supported and what he hated, it is clear to see that he is a crazy very left leaning killer.

When you compare his words, his clearly stated reasons as to why he committed this mass murder it is very easy to identify all of the left wing liars who are currently making up crap and posting lies in here.

Baltimore Named Nations Most Dangerous City By USA Today

I wonder if Trump had seen this headline before he told the truth about Baltimore.

The KCIDIOT is being stupid again. How long until it is removed, 4,3,2,1.....


Everything daKKKmannn has said is RACIST AS HELL, sometimes truth hurts
Poor racist righty filth

This is a great article about how the left wing liar media protects and supports ANTIFA and the Dems

And yes, from the very genesis of ANTIFA they have always been left wing violent activist democrats and every democrat on this board either tacitly or actively supports ANTIFA.

Yes the wall is being built so put your lies about no wall construction where the sun doesn't shine.
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