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Yes the wall is being built so put your lies about no wall construction where the sun doesn't shine.

After 2 debates what do we know?

Trump will have a second term.

No enforcement restrictions in border funding bill. AOC has a tantrum. AOC is a loser, again.

Now the mass ejection of those with deportation orders can begin as the judges keep ordering more deportations

More judges, more deportation orders please.

Don't you love how that works?

He is only here doing the job American's won't, Population control.

Hey left, you own this guy.

The sniveling piglet who was not at the shooting says he as been targeted for killing 7 times.

BS, BS, and more BS.

If he had been seriously targeted once he would already be a dead sniveling little punk.

I'm retired military and my wife is a teacher. We are getting itchy feet and looking at DOD jobs.

Germany, Japan, and Spain are looking interesting right now.
Have any of you been a DOD civilian employee overseas?

7% of the people in this nation commit half of all federal crimes.

I'm not talking about blacks either...

This should not surprise anyone.

Boy 5 pushed or thrown over a third floor railing in Mall of America.

The folks over at DU are running over themselves to tell lies and blame this on Trump supporters and make muslims the victim.

We need to tell one member of the House that, "your people did something". And then make them pay for it.

Maybe they should take away her passport now before her investigation starts.

It will be interesting how she attempts to defend herself this time. Doing the stupid routine about washing away the evidence won't even work with the most dumb on the left again.

I'm honestly wondering if she is going to run. Maybe some corrupt south american socialist country will take her in.

Actually they can take her just as long as they promise to keep her but we will investigate her anyway so the world knows how corrupt she is and always has been.

This money going to support the illegal invader. BUILD THE DAMN WALL NOW!

Read and realize we are taking from our most vulnerable citizens because the democrats refuse to secure our southern border from the hoards of invaders.


The fed prediction is that one million illegals will attempt unauthorized entry into our country this year and that about half of them will succeed.
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