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We have already been notified of one friend who was in an accident.

She is alive but in bad shape. This was in no way her fault which does not make it any easier.

Stay safe my friends. Enjoy friends and family and do not drink and drive or allow others to either.

Think good thoughts about peace across our nation today.

Bear one, idiot, nothing.....

Watch me be stupid!!!!

I believe that there is a very large silent majority out there, voters who are not vocal

I strongly believe that they exist on the right, the left, and mostly in the middle.

My gut tells me that many are going to be surprised when they come out in mass in the primaries and support Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Cruz is a wrench in the works here but I think he ends up number 2 in the primaries and the first choice for VP.

I think folks on both sides of center are sick and tired of professional politicians and their style of politics.

These folks are going to defy both the democrat and republican parties with their votes.

I do not think she is a typical liberal, she is a typical slime politician.

But she has to go for the good or everyone...

Lets not go left or right on this one. Both sides have their garbage that needs kicked to the curb.

If our government were trying to bring them here. I would be in that crowd every minute.

For those who believe that the world really wants the syrian's here you go.

Even germany is getting fed up and full up with them.

We really do not want them and do not need them. We have enough unemployed and totally unskilled workers already.

We do not need bigger welfare payouts and we damn well do not need the 2% of them who are nothing more than infiltrators and terrorists!!!!!!!!!

There is not a single good side for Americans or America in taking in these refugees.

She wants a AWB again. How many democrats own guns???

The AR is now the most popular firearms platform that has ever existed in our country.

Gun control is a guaranteed election bloodbath for democrats. I thought they learned their lessons last time they tried this. The AR was just a symbol then but now they saturate the gun safes across our nation.

She knows she is going down and keeps trying to find that "something" that will give her a lifeline. This is not it.

Bernie is the smart one and just moved a long ways forward on the dem side of the race.

I am very aware of what lead does to the human body.

Lead contamination is a biggy for me. It does great damage to people and is avoidable.

This link is very sad. There are a lot of claims and I believe at least some of them are valid but it also leaves much out.

The biggest thing is the testing of the water for lead. It is just not there and I'm wondering why it isn't. It is a simple, cheap, and I would believe mandatory test that should be done by the agency that distributes the water.

It seems to me that the housing needs to be checked for lead in the plumbing in the same way we used to check for lead in paint.

The problem exists and needs to be identified and stopped.

Comments??? Ideas???

Bergdahl to be tried for desertion and more.

The ARMY is moving forward in this, Finally!!!!!

It may be slow motion but this Ahole needs to face the music.

His story has been falling apart in the last weeks.

Support of civilian suicide bombers against civilian targets 1% of US Muslims support this action.

Questions, how many Muslims are there in the US and what specific number of people does that 1% represent?

Two links, the first so you know who and what the Pew research center is and the second to their report.

The SB shooter

Actually both of them.

The guy had inspected the food prep area of 22 different SB county schools in the last year or 18 months. That means he was inside of 22 different schools when children were present. Big WOW. How close does that come to being a huge mess?

The wife. They are now saying that is is possible/probable that she was a radicalizes plant from the beginning. We also know that she went through two different federal vetting processes that did not detect that she had given false, non extent, addresses in Pakistan. I wonder what did they check in her background.

What happened was bad enough but it could have been much worse.

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