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I saw one confederate flag and that was on a Tshirt.

The camping area must have had 4 thousand flags up and flying but no stars and bars. No where at the event was there any confederate flag flying, none.

So much for the bigotry of the left in their statements about NASCAR fans.

The folks we sat beside were from San Francisco and said they had expected to see the confederate flags and were surprised to see none. They were quite obviously a male gay couple and we all shared beer/wine and snacks and had a hell of a great day. No one cared that they were gay nor was anyone interested, they were just fans having a fun day.

ISIS is destroying all historical monuments that they can.

Liberals are now demanding that statues be destroyed, parks be closed or renamed, and that anything confederate be eliminated from the map.

Seems to be about the same thing to me. ISIS has their ideals and the progressive liberals have borrowed a page from their play book and is pushing for the very same thing.

Hey liberals, do you think, just maybe, you are becoming exactly what you claim to hate so much???

There is peace in Charleston. No riots, no arson, as the people of all colors mourn together.

this speaks to the strength of the people and their bond with each other and of their community.

The situation was and remains horrific but the people have done the best they can for themselves.

I admire them for their courage and mourn with them.

For those who can't see what could have been here is what actually happened elsewhere.

Real and true.....

You just have to read it. Democrats have to be really tired of this pretender by now

She really is the gift that keeps on giving.
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