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The left continues to hate Trump for deporting criminal illegal immigrants...

I bet the parents of the girls involve with these illegals wish Obama would have deported them.

But the left is protesting the deportation of these individuals... I wonder what they would say if it were their daughters involved.

Vehicle driven into parade crowd, 12 injured.

Police identified the driver as 26 year old Syrian named Abdoola Baboola Moohumid Akbar.

Democrats still looking for a white male christian to blame it on.

The gun vote is what made Trump President...

So for all of you anti-constitution, anti-American, anti-America, and anti-gun zealots consider this rubbing your nose in it and know that we gun owners are hi fiving each other and having a great laugh at your expense.....

There is no rational reason to post lies but this does not stop the ignorant from posting.

How about this, the USA is not now and has never been a democracy. The question itself contains a bold faced lie. They need to thaw out her brain and fill the void between her ears with some knowledge and history.

For the totally stupid from the far north, the United States is not now and has never been a democracy. That is untrue, that is a straight up lie.

The big push in this lie is that the left really wants to contend that Hillary actually won the presidency because she got more of the total votes than Trump did. To make this contention they have to push the lie that our nation is a democracy,

Busted, it is a lie, a big fat lie.....

The most white state in our nation seems to have it going on with guns.

Do you think they are smart enough over there to figure it out for themselves. This is all about the whitest state in our nation where you do not even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Contrast that to cities and states with high concentrations of minorities and strict gun control laws.

NPR reports, Transcripts of Flynn's calls don't show criminal wrongdoing.

As the left continues to hunt mermaids long trusted polls show their lies.

The left is determined on convincing the world that most Americans hate President Trump.

That is a constructed left wing lie.

When the left wingers read this they will scream that it is not true. They will insist that a real mermaid will be found in two days, that our nation really is a democracy, and that Hillary will be appointed president next week.

The left now only has the power of lies all other power is gone.

Our congress was infiltrated by Islamics under the Obama watch via the Democrats

Nope, nothing made up. You have to read this one for yourselves...

And we thought Hillary was the only one in Washington who had a person connected to Hamas on her payroll. We were so wrong.
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