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They called an all hands on deck and stopped it inside of the city limits of Redding last night.

They moved their firefighting power into Redding and did get it stopped, for now. In doing so the rest of the fires fronts, there are several, blew up and the fire doubled in size overnight...

It is less than 6% contained and is approaching 82,000 acres as of this morning. The fire has already destroyed over 500 structures, most of them private homes. It is a very long ways from being contained or controlled. The smoke blanket is thick and fixed wing aircraft have not been able to drop their loads of fire retardant most of the time...

The choppers dipping and dropping water have been able to work this fire but their effectiveness is much less then the big bombers.

So far there are 5 confirmed deaths from this fire, 2 firefighters, and a great grandmother and her two young great grandchildren. BUT, there are over a dozen people still missing that have been reported so far.

This one is very close to home for me and very difficult to watch. Just before dark last night I watched, helpless, as the home of a friend burst into flame and was totally engulfed within 30 seconds. There were several other homes I wanted to check on and could not get close enough to them to see anything.

Over night the fire was creating its own weather. It produced 3 twisters, just like tornadoes only full of fire, that pulled trees out of the ground, twisted others off, and made cars fly. As these "firenadoes" ripped through the houses it totally destroyed blocks at a time.

The winds are back up this afternoon so it will grow again tonight. The last two nights it has doubled in size between dusk and dawn.

At times today I had close to zero visibility and had to use O2 to breath and a sealed full face shield so that I could see.

Writing like this is why the press has zero credibility with people who know guns.

The author, ELISHA BROWN

"Surveillance footage shows Saylor firing rounds from a .45 caliber shotgun in the bar’s parking lot after he was kicked out, according to a probable cause affidavit."

When you are a writer it is your job and responsibility to know what the hell you are putting to print. Ignorance like this loses you all credibility.

I would explain the error to the author but it would probably take an 8 hour class about guns to get her to the point where she understood the explication of her royal screw up. I have no indication that she is a fast learner.

The only possibility of anything like this that I know of is the "judge". I have never heard anyone refer to that handgun in this manner.

Interpreter and executive privilege, get used to hearing these two words together.

What this means is that again the liberals are pissing up the rope and into the wind.

They lunge and go all in about anything they can make up as if it is proven fact and then get mad at Trump when their lies don't come true.

The interpreter who was present when Trump and Putin were in discussions will never be questioned by congress or anyone else.

I hope you enjoy your well deserved shower.

They are now displaying who they are and what they want.

They think it is time for the military to take over.

Lock and load.

I wonder if they realize that the vast majority of the military are from the red areas of our nation.

With all of the gun control they can pass and impliment.


Each and every hypocrite left anti gun anti constitution zealot has totally ignored the DEMOCRAT NUMBERS in the sport of homicide in their fiefdom of Chicago.

Not a single one of the liberal media gave this any of their time either.

Does this not prove per the art of telling lies by omission just how big of liars they all are about who has a gun problem in our nation today?

Out in the red states and counties we do not have a gun problem, the democrats and more specifically the young black males that the democrats claim as their own have a massive gun/culture problem in our nation today.

Come on dems, prove you are not ranting hypocrites step up for a truthful, truth and fact based,discussion on this issue.
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