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Never trust hollywood

Posted by mrwordsworth | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 07:35 PM (0 replies)

Will alt "right" Trump supporters be mad at trump

If he declares Jerusalem the capital of Israel? Trump is a good ally to Israel and his daughter and son in law are Jews. Would you be mad if Trump sends special military personnel to help security while the temple is rebuilt?

Democrats vs Republicans sexual assault tally

Let's compile a list of all political figures accused of sexual assault of some form since 2016:


Rightwing accused: Bill orielly, Greg bolling, Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, Roy moore, George h.w. bush

Leftwing accused: matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, al Franken, Kevin spacey, George takei , john conyers, Charlie rose, Glenn thrush, garrison keillor, Roy price, Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, Lois ck, Andy Dick, Richard dreyfuss, Gary Goddard, john Lasseter, Jeremy piven, Brett ratner, Sylvester Stallone, Jeffrey tambor, James toback, Mathew weiner, ed westwick, Russel Simmons, mark halperin, Michael oreskes, Lockhart Steele, Anthony weiner, Ruben kihuen, Raul bocanegra, Danny masterson

Let me know if I missed someone or should remove someone and I'll try to keep it updated.

If Trump asked Flynn to negotiate with Russians prior to the election

Not being a career politician himself or knowledgeable about the ins and outs of proper negotiations with foreign governments, could it then be said that Donald Trump didn't have intent to break any federal laws?

This is assuming it is illegal.

Could Hillary have defeated Trump

If she and her campaign came up with a fresh new platform and policy ideas rather than promising the voters to continue Obama's policies?

Florida's 23rd district congressional representative is very quiet on the latest attack on women

In entertainment and government.

Where you at Debbie?

David Duke, a seasoned politician

Who probably is aware how popular the kkk is in modern America as well as grasping his own popularity over the years, liked Trump so much that he decided to publicly support him?

Sex scandals get lots of play, but wasserman and her IT guy could be much bigger

It's such a mess of events with the laptop and money transfer to Pakistan coupled with wassermans display to police. It feels like a story that wants to disappear like the Las Vegas shooter.

How many abuse victims would be brave enough

To come forward, if the American voter had rewarded Hillary with the presidency and Bill as first husband?

Right wingers, let us give president Obama some much needed praise for once

Since it was he and his campaign planners that crafted the democratic platform during his second run for office which made respect for women and their needs a top priority and campaign promise. Whether or not he did it to spike his good friends, the Clinton's, campaign run in 2016 is irrelevant

Thank you president Obama, for treating your family and women in general, better than the clintons.

Sandra fluk gets an honorable mention
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