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Cedars Sinai developing UV light source that can be inserted into breathing tubes to kill COVID.

DAVIDSON: UV Lights Could Be Used To Fight Airborne Coronavirus

During the 1990s drug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collaborated with occupational health experts to publish airborne control prevention principles that apply today. Rules of personal conduct – like covering coughs – are important. But so are environmental controls to inactivate airborne viruses.

It is not difficult to remove airborne microbes wherever people gather — in public libraries, waiting rooms, cafeterias, or restrooms where someone coughed hard moments earlier. Exhausting air outside is effective but can sometimes be difficult. The any-season, inexpensive, lasting solution is GUV.

Placed near the ceiling, GUV nearly annihilates microbe infectivity. GUV is a proven potent disinfectant for coronavirus, either in fluid or airborne, and has been used to disinfect surfaces for decades. 16 seconds of ultraviolet-c radiation (UV-C) exposure inactivated 82% of an aerosolized dose. GUV efficacy against highly-resistant TB, which is primarily transmitted through the air, was proven in a multinational-CDC-WHO study. In our Philadelphia TB Clinic in 1993, we also installed inexpensive ceiling fans, run at low speed, switched to pull the air up instead of down, to help assure air mixing and fastest microbe inactivation, an approach endorsed in the 2015 multinational report.

Attention to safety and detail in upper-room GUV installation is required to protect skin and eyes from potential overexposure. High doses of UV-C can cause cancer and cataracts, but accidents are avoidable. Additionally, tests are underway with a shorter wavelength form of UV-C that has so far proven to be harmless to human skin cells while still destroying airborne microbes, making it potentially viable for use in occupied public spaces.

We should prioritize installing GUV now in spaces like ERs, ICUs, dialysis centers and clinics, congregate settings like prisons, followed by any other public and private spaces where the public gathers. Retrofitting is inexpensive. Five-star hotels can buy GUV tricked out like a Cadillac, but GUV is also produced as inexpensive UV-C fluorescent tube fixtures screwed high on the wall in simple ballast fixtures. Bulbs last 9000 hours. Repainting the ceiling with dark non-reflective paint, protective strips or egg-crate ceilings reduce UV-C light reflected below. The total output needed is just 1⁄2 milliwatt per cubic foot. A bar-restaurant or waiting room sized 40’ x 50’ with 8-foot ceilings (16,000 square feet) needs just two 20-inch 15-watt 254 nm fluorescent tube fixtures ($175 each) with a total GUV output of just 8 watts (efficiency about 28%).

This is the UV technology Trump was describing that the dumb Ass media has completely botched

Durham expands personnel

Cuomo didnt know about his bad nursing home policy

The letter was heartbreaking as it recounted the death of an 88-year-old woman in a New York nursing home. But it was also angry and accurate about a strange New York policy that is ­fatally wrongheaded.

“I am wondering who will hold Gov. Cuomo accountable for the deaths of so many older people due to his reckless decision to place covid19 patients in nursing and rehabilitation homes,” the letter began. “I am writing as a daughter who lost her beautiful 88 year old mother who was receiving physical therapy at one such facility.”

The writer, Arlene Mullin, went on to recount examples of the governor promising to protect the elderly because of their known vulnerability. She noted that he named his stay-at-home order after his own mother, Matilda ­Cuomo, and talked several times about protecting her.

“My mother is not expendable and your mother is not expendable and our brothers and sisters are not expendable,” Cuomo said a month ago.

Mullin had another complaint, too — that the media never asked the governor about an order mandating that nursing homes admit and readmit patients who tested positive for the coronavirus, despite the extraordinary number of deaths among the elderly.

That drought ended Monday when The Post’s Bernadette Hogan asked about the policy at ­Cuomo’s daily briefing. His ­answer was stunning.

“That’s a good question. I don’t know,” the governor said.

When movie terrorists want to release a bio weapon they do it on the subway.

De Blasio did that to NYC. I can’t think of a more efficient way to spread COVID in NYC.

And then they cut the number of subway cars to squish high risk health care workers and essential employees into a sardine can.

And all those people went back to their multi-family residences.


The moronic HHS whistleblower blocked HCQ early use.


He is responsible for the death of thousands.

Odds of a successful vaccine are not high, antibodies decline fast, 2 months.

If anyone tells you we need to shelter in place until we get a vaccine...

Gov Cuomo wants more hydroxychloroquine for NY.

VA HCQ study: Observational study, not clinical study. Bwahahaha.

HCQ haters you got nothing.
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