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Was it an auto-sync feature that added Huma's emails to Weiner's laptop?


Little did Obama/HRC realize that an auto-sync feature between Huma & Weiner inadvertently saved the deleted emails on Weiner's machine.

FBI agents told to "stand down" in Clinton investigation

Others further down the FBI chain of command, however, said agents were given a much starker instruction on the case: “Stand down.” When agents questioned why they weren’t allowed to take more aggressive steps, they said they were told the order had come from the deputy director—Mr. McCabe.

Then there is McCabe trying to save his ass by throwing someone at DoJ under the bus:

According to a person familiar with the probes, on Aug. 12, a senior Justice Department official called Mr. McCabe to voice his displeasure at finding that New York FBI agents were still openly pursuing the Clinton Foundation probe, despite the department’s refusal to allow more aggressive investigative methods in the case. Mr. McCabe said agents still had the authority to pursue the issue as long as they didn’t use those methods.

The Justice Department official was “very pissed off,” according to one person close to Mr. McCabe, and pressed him to explain why the FBI was still chasing a matter the department considered dead. Others said the Justice Department was simply trying to make sure FBI agents were following longstanding policy not to make overt investigative moves that could be seen as trying to influence an election. Those rules discourage investigators from making any such moves before a primary or general election, and, at a minimum, checking with public integrity prosecutors before doing so.

“Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” Mr. McCabe asked, according to people familiar with the conversation. After a pause, the official replied, “Of course not,” these people said.

NYPD, NY and NC US attorneys were all pursuing Weiner

New York Police Department, along with the New York U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, led by Preet Bharara, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of North Carolina, may have all very well seen the emails in question

Read more:

Wow looks like Weiner is cooperating.

Josh Rogin
Josh Rogin – Verified account ‏@joshrogin

.@BretBaier emails Chris Wallace while he's on air: Weiner has given FBI permission to search computer so no warrant needed. @FoxNewsSunday
8:40 AM - 30 Oct 2016

If rumors are true that emails were on Weiner laptop in file named "insurance" this could be the mother lode of dirt.

Separating rumors from verified facts: NY SVU confirmed they were looking at Weiner's sexting etc. Unverified but posted and leaking from various sources that NYPD found the emails on Weiner's laptop and referred to FBI.

FBI ASST DIRECTOR says Comey Forced by NY City to ReOpen & in Next Few days The Final Bomb drops on Hillary Clinton's Head!😬Donald Trump 🇺🇸

Trump etal have been saying something big was going to drop on Clinton. Likely it's because Giuliani is plugged in to NYPD.

Supposedly NYPD found intent re: server

Juicy stuff is on reddit.

Hillary dreams of a hemispheric government and there's nothing on a political message board?

Instead the fascist cabal of pols in both parties and the MSM have us focused on Trump's potty mouth.


Do you all realize what this means? Her dream is to dissolve our country, our laws, our way of life to create an entity that supersedes everything we have known. My god what a wet dream for the oligarchs of the world.

Right now they undermine our sovereignty using trade agreements but what Hillary dreams of is way beyond that.

Everything uniquely American will melt away.

We have no idea who is in on this "private" agenda because they only reveal themselves to donors like Goldman.

Even Pence is suspect, they all are.

Only Trump has called them out and can be trusted. Plus Sessions. The rest...who knows.
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