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Democrats say they now know exactly why Clinton lost

WASHINGTON — A group of top Democratic Party strategists have used new data about last year's presidential election to reach a startling conclusion about why Hillary Clinton lost. Now they just need to persuade the rest of the party they're right.

Many Democrats have a shorthand explanation for Clinton's defeat: Her base didn't turn out, Donald Trump's did and the difference was too much to overcome.

But new information shows that Clinton had a much bigger problem with voters who had supported President Barack Obama in 2012 but backed Trump four years later.

Those Obama-Trump voters effectively accounted for more than two-thirds of the reason Clinton lost, according to Matt Canter, a senior vice president of the Democratic political firm Global Strategy Group. In his group's analysis, about 70 percent of Clinton's failure to reach Obama's vote total in 2012 was because she lost these voters.


UK police apologize to Muslims for pet puppy.

ESPNs Politics Are Impacting Its Audience

Specifically, in 2015, the ESPN audience on average skewed Republican across all dayparts, ranging from 12% more Republican (Early News, Late Fringe, Overnight) to 21% more Republican than Democratic (Early Morning).

In 2016, every daypart on ESPN became less conservative, with Daytime being only 2% more Republican than Democratic, while Late Fringe and Overnight programming became 10% and 12% more Democratic than Republican – a 22 and 28 point shift, respectively.

So the Libs in media are so determined to culturally brainwash us they'll deliberately destroy their assets.

Now ESPN has to downsize to adjust for their political Hackery.

And they want to know why people are cord cutting. We don't want to have to listen to PC brainwashing all day long.

Two-Thirds Of Americans Think The Democratic Party Has Lost Touch With The Nation

If you listen to mainstream media for more than 30 seconds, you would think President Trump is in a world of his own as the entire nation turns its back on him. However, that would be 'fake' news as WaPo reports, in fact, the Democratic Party is viewed as more out of touch than either Trump or the party’s political opponents.

Despite the media's coverage of every protest, judicial objection, and politician bad-mouthing, Democratic Party favorability continues to slide...

And as The Washington Post's most recent poll shows, two-thirds of Americans think the Democrats are out of touch - including nearly half of Democrats themselves.

Yeah I posted zero hedge first so the people in denial can stick their heads in the sand. But this is actually the title of the original WAPO article and data from WAPO which is also linked.

Sanders: Obama's paid Wall Street speech 'distasteful'

Washington (CNN)Sen. Bernie Sanders believes former President Barack Obama's plan to receive $400,000 for speaking at a September Wall Street health conference is "distasteful," The Vermont Independent reported Friday.

Speaking with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, Sanders labeled the transaction "not a good idea" and said he was "sorry President Obama made that choice."

Elizabeth Warren -- another influential progressive -- has also expressed concern over Obama's speech, saying Thursday that the former President's decision "troubled" her.

DU going nutz. Lots of posts removed and self deletes in this thread:

The "Taxation Is Theft" Meme Has Officially Gone Mainstream

Last week, a customer at a Missouri restaurant gave the waitress a “personal gift” instead of a tip, writing the now popular line “Taxation is theft” in the tip section of the receipt.

In a second note, the fiscally conscious customer added:

“This is not a tip. This is a personal gift and not subject to federal or state income taxes.”

With major progressive news outlets like ATTN: reporting on this story, left-leaning reporters started to debate wages in the food and service industries, discussing the fact that tips end up being factored as wages, meaning they are always taxable.

But as that discussion developed, reporters were quick to realize that when personal gifts are in the mix, the taxman can’t take part of those earnings away. After all, a gift would have to exceed $13,000 to be subject to taxation, meaning that even if the customer had spent hundreds, the “personal gift” would not amount to anything close to the requirements stipulated by the IRS.

Black bloc protester pleads guilty to felonies from Inauguration Day rioting

A Florida man with the radical “black bloc” protest network pleaded guilty Friday to felony rioting and assault for his role in the Inauguration Day chaos in Washington, D.C.

Dane Powell, 31, of Tampa was the first to enter a guilty plea on felony charges brought against 212 protesters accused of rioting and vandalizing property during the Jan. 20 melee surrounding President Trump’s swearing-in ceremony.

Scheduled to be sentenced July 7, he faces a possible six years in prison for breaking windows and throwing a “brick, large rock or piece of concrete” at officers after joining a mob of masked black bloc protesters who moved en masse across 16 blocks in about 30 minutes, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

United says giant bunny died in Chicago, not on plane.

Even rabbits are not safe in Chicago!

"United Airlines said the giant rabbit that died traveling from London to Chicago didn’t meet its maker while the plane was in the air.

Spokesman Charles Hobart told the Guardian that the 10-month-old, three-foot long rabbit, named Simon, was alive when it was taken off the flight at O’Hare Airport after landing on Tuesday."

And United CEO Munoz screws up another apology.

"Meanwhile, United CEO Oscar Munoz equated lost luggage with a dead pet, during a ham-handed apology Thursday for the airline’s latest gaffe.

Munoz lumped the two unrelated circumstances together in an interview with Lester Holt set to air in full on NBC’s “Nightly News.”

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of anything from your luggage to, of course, a loved pet,” Munoz said."

Wow United is as bad with pets as with overbooked passengers:

According to data collected by the Department of Transportation, United Airlines had the worst record with pet injuries or deaths in 2016. Nine pets died while being transported by the legacy carrier and another 14 were injured last year. The closest any other airline came to United’s record was Delta, which suffered five pet deaths and five injuries the same year.

Democrats Threaten To Shut Down Government If GOP Passes Obamacare Repeal

As The Hill reports, House Democrats will oppose any short-term spending bill - which is what McConnell was hoping on passing to buy one week of time - if Republican leaders attempt to expedite an ObamaCare repeal bill this week, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) warned Thursday. In other words, Democrats are now holding the government hostage indefinitely as long as Republicans - who now have the votes to pass new healthcare legislation - threaten to repeal Obamacare.

Do it! Shut it down.

Flynn responds: Everything was reported and documented by DIA

Makes you wonder how good our supposedly classified Intel is.
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