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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
Home country: United States
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Thu May 15, 2014, 06:44 AM
Number of posts: 3,420

About Me

My avatar picture is NOT me. It's radio talk show host Michael Berry.

Journal Archives

Suggestion For Fuel.

My friend, you can make life at Discussionist easier for all of us.

Instead of starting twenty or more threads in each forum, why not put everything you have to say in one post ... And THEN delete it??

The obvious benefit to us is that we wouldn't have to wade through all those "This Post Has Been Deleted" threads.

However, the main benefit goes to you. First, it would take up way less of your valuable time. Second, fewer people would put you on Ignore if they only saw one post from you. Your thoughts and opinions will reach a larger audience.

Whadda think?? Give it a try??

The Three Answers.

Ninety-nine-and-a-fraction percent of any questions you get asked at any point in your life can be answered by one of these three statements:

1. "I dunno."

2. "None of your business."

3. "No."

Yes, there is a tiny little chance you will encounter a question for which none of those are appropriate. But when that happens, you'll know.

This Is The Fun Forum.

But Fuel is not much fun.

The Forty Best Magazine Covers.

Makin' The Best Of A Bad Situation.

Here's A Video I Found On Democrat Underground.

Informative, and not what you'd expect to find on DU. It's a half hour long. If you can't stand to watch the whole thing, you'll get the gist of it in a few minutes.

RIP Albert Finney.

Maybe not a huge star, but an excellent actor.

How Long Did Adam And Eve Live In The Garden Of Eden??

Something I've been thinking about.

Genesis 5:5: "The whole lifetime of Adam was nine hundred and thirty years; then he died."

Before Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden Of Eden, they were immortal. So time didn't mean anything to them. Maybe they didn't bother to count the years or keep track of time at all.

Maybe they didn't start to pay attention to the passing of time until they got thrown out of the Garden and had to fend for themselves. So maybe the 930 years refers only to the period after they left the Garden.

Maybe (I say "Maybe" a lot - This is only speculation.) Adam and Eve had lived there for billions of years. They had seen the dinosaurs come and go. They watched Pangea break up and form continents. They were there when the first sea-dwelling creature heaved itself upon the shore and started to breathe air.

Is it possible??

Good King Wenceslas.

Merry Christmas, EveryOne.

A Beloved Classic Christmas Song.

Well, it oughta be.

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