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St. Lucia.

Been reading "Inferno." I have both versions - The original by Dante and the recent one by Dan Brown. Both make reference to St. Lucia, so I looked her up today. Interesting historical figure.

St. Lucia was a martyr in the early Christian Church. She lived from approximately 283 to 303 when she was executed by the mayor of Syracuse. The Syracuse in Sicily that is, not New York. Apparently, her crime was being Christian. The mayor ordered her to worship the Emperor, but she refused.

Now here is the interesting part: She was a beautiful girl. Every man who saw her wanted her. (Maybe a few women too.) In order that she would not be the cause of a person committing the sin of lust, she disfigured her face and gouged her own eyes out.

Now THAT'S putting your money where your mouth is!
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